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How do PC360 Products Work?

TEACH - PC360 products are worn so the athletes can learn faster as the PC360 harnesses and bands speed the learning process as athletes can FEEL how to correctly move the body to perform sports skills. Specifically, the harnesses, arm/leg cuffs and guided by resistance bands so the athlete can FEEL both incorrect and correct sport skill movements (mechanics).

TRAIN - once athletes know how to perform the correct sport skill movements (mechanics), PC360 products are then used to build correct "muscle memory" and strengthen specific muscles for performing correct sport skill movements. The rubber resistance bands now "resist" the correct sport skill movements, activation these muscles prior to practice and competition, and strengthening and training these muscles to be more explosive! Increasing the strength of the muscles and movements will increase velocity of the body, arm, bat, club-head and ball. It's also important to note that PC360 products improve core strength and builds the body's ability to tolerate the forces and torques that swinging a bat, club, or arm does create on the shoulders, arm, spine, back and hips.

PERFORM - improving mechanics, core strength, velocity and improved tolerance of rotational forces and torques will improve sports performance and help keep the athlete healthy and in-the-game!

How to Use PC360 Products

PC360 product instructions are available at:

Baseball & Softball




How to Maximize Benefits from PC360 Products

To get the most benefit from PC360 products:

  1. Learn the "Fundamentals - Mechanics & Philosophy" for each sport.
  2. Watch the "Instructional Videos" for each sport skill.
  3. Use the hardcopy/downloadable "Instructional Wall Chart" for each sport skill.

Money Back Guarantee

All products have a 30-day money back guarantee. The guarantee is for defective products. Shipping charges are refundable on defective products.

Product Durability

PC360 products are designed and manufactured to be highly durable and withstand the normal demands of sports training (as instructed in product use instructions). The harnesses, d-ring anchor straps, arm/leg cuffs and exercise handles are made from strong, high tension nylon and are sewn together using high tension nylon thread. The harnesses are made from an outer layer of highly durable woven fabric, with a comfortable inner foam layer and a anti-slip material on the inside. The harnesses use highly durable plastic fasteners to close and adjust the sizing around the hips, thighs and bottom of the rib cage. These fasteners should not break for many years of normal use, however the fasteners may break if stepped on, crushed, bent. Do NOT leave PC360 products on the ground, floor or other areas where they can be stepped on. If the plastic parts are broken PC360 will replace or repair these parts for a reasonable fee plus shipping charges. Resistance bands are made from natural rubber and a proprietary compound. The bands are securely and safely attached to metal carabiners.

Normal Wear-and-Tear

Resistance Bands - are made from 95% natural rubber and 5% proprietary compound and bands do wear out. Bands are not replaced for free unless they are defective and then only in the first 30-days after purchase. As with any rubber material, the bands will wear out faster with:

  • Greater frequency or duration of use.
  • Exposure to certain conditions [light (especially outdoor light), body salts (sweat), heat, cold, over-stretching, etc.]

The resistance bands will break if stretched too far. The bands should NOT be stretched greater than 20% longer than their resting/non-stretched length.

Bands should be regularly checked each time before use and should NOT be used if they show signs of wear or damage.

Bands should be safely and securely attached (as shown on product use instructions) ONLY to any of the following PC360 products or accessories (harnesses, arm/leg cuffs, exercise handles, d-ring anchor strap).

Replacement bands are available for purchase on the accessories page.

Levels of Resistance

Resistance bands are available in 4 increasing levels of resistance (grey band provides least resistance, black band next level, orange second highest amount of resistance, and red the greatest resistance).

Resistance bands can be used individually or connected in unison to add greater levels of resistance.

Resistance Levels Vary Based of Age, Strength & Exercise

Suggested resistance band use varies based on the age, strength and depending on each exercise as each exercise incorporates different muscles or muscle groups which vary in strength. Each program's instuctional wall chart (ships with products and is down loadable off the web site) provides suggested "starting levels" of bands/resistance.

These guidelines are appropriate for athletes ranging in age from eight year olds and older. As a general rule, younger athletes should start with with grey bands for all exercises and stop if they feel strain, discomfort or pain with movements.

Exercise Precautions

PC360 products are designed for use by healthy individuals only. Consult with your physician or qualified health-care consultant before using PC360 products. Stop an movement, exercise or activity if you feel strain, pain, discomfort or experience an injury and Consult with your physician or qualified health-care consultant before continuing the use of the product.

Exercise & Training Risks

Read and understand the risk associated with the use of PC360 products and exercise before engaging in the use of the products.

Strength & Conditioning and Personal Training Activities involve risks and dangers of (a) SERIOUS BODILY INJURY, INCLUDING PERMANENT DISABILITY, PARALYSIS AND DEATH (“Risks”); (b) these Risks and dangers may be caused by your own actions, or inaction’s, the actions or inaction’s of others participating in the Activity, the condition in which the Activity takes place.

Harness Sizing - Trade In, Trade Up Program


The hip and torso harnesses are designed to fit snugly around the top of the hips, butt and pelvis and around the bottom of the rib cage respectively. If the harnesses are too big they will not work effectively so do NOT buy a harnesses bigger then what the sizing guide shows, thinking that the athlete will be able to use a larger size for many years to come as if it's too big it simply won't work correctly. PC360 provides a Trade-In, Trade-Up Program, which allows purchasers to trade their old harnesses in for new ones at a 50% discount. Contact for further details.

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