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To get the most benefit from PC360 products:

  1. Watch the "Instructional Videos" below.
  2. Use the hardcopy/downloadable"Hitting Wall Chart, Throwing Wall Chart" as a quick visual reminder.
  3. Follow this Sequence:
  • Work from the Ground Up - Start with the "Lower Half" using the PC360 Power Hip Trainer.
  • Progress to the "Upper Half" using the PC360 Power Torso Trainer.
  • Progress to the "Hands" using the PC360 Power Hands Trainer.


Baseball General Information (Blake Doyle - Colorado Rockies Hitting Coach)







Product Introduction








Putting Hip, Torso & Arm Trainers On; Connecting to Strap & Bands







Putting Product On























Hitting Instructions (Blake Doyle - Colorado Rockies Hitting Coach) (Display Wall Chart)




Engage Back Hip


Linear Hip Movement


Lock Hip & Elbow


Resisted Hip











Firm Front Side


Full Turn & Balance


Resisted Torso Turn


Assisted Torso Turn











Bottom Hand


Top Hand


Lower Half & Top Hand


Hip & Torso Connected









Hip Overspeed


Throwing Instructions (Display Wall Chart)




Arm Care Throwing Intro


Lower Half - Balance


Balance to Stride


Balance to Hip Turn











Upper Half - Tuck & Pull


Upper Half - Tuck & Push


Tuck & Pull (elbow w throwing motion)


Tuck & Push (elbow w throwing motion)














Hip Turn w Torso Resistance





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