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The "Why" Behind Powercore 360?


*About Billy Glisan, PC360 Founder & President*


As a rebellious, somewhat lost kid in a single-parent household, Billy Glisan didn’t get a glimpse of the possibilities for his life until he found sports. Along with keeping him out of trouble, sports sparked in Billy a fascination with the science behind athletic movement, and he set off on a long path to using his knowledge to help others discover their peak performance. 


That lost kid might never have guessed he’d go on to train thousands of athletes; direct programs for some of the most respected centers in Corporate Wellness, Fitness, Cardiac and Spine Rehabilitation; publish articles for world-class journals and magazines; write and ghost-write definitive books on back care; found three companies in the ergonomics, injury prevention, and athletic training spaces; consult with dozens of Fortune 500 companies; and accumulate two patents.


After sports literally saved his life, there was little question in Billy’s mind what he wanted to do for a living - he wanted to improve sports performance! At the University of Northern Colorado he majored in Physical Education and Psychology (with a specialty in Coaching), and then went on to earn his Masters in Exercise Physiology from Colorado State University. Early in his career, Billy worked in the nation's largest spine rehabilitation center. There he learned from some of the best physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physical and occupational therapists. His experience at the Texas Back Institute became the springboard for the second phase of his career, during which he consulted with well-known Fortune 500 companies, teaching industrial workers how to prevent work-related musculoskeletal injuries.


As he watched his own kids grow up and begin to play sports, Billy’s early memories were reawakened. He remembered how powerful athletics had been in shaping his early life, how the thrill of striving for peak physical performance had permeated his entire existence and made him the man he’d become. But now, with his background in physical education and exercise physiology, he felt confident in his ability to help his kids (and other athletes) dramatically improve their sports performance--and their lives.


In 2000, Billy founded XL 'N SPORTS to train athletes to move better, faster and more explosively. Over the course of fifteen years, he worked with thousands of athletes, from developing youth to elite professionals. He developed a specialty working with "rotational" athletes (athletes whose sports movements require turning their bodies). Years of experience training these athletes served as a research & development “performance lab” and the launching pad for Powercore 360.


Billy built the first Powercore 360 prototype using an old German industrial sewing machine he still owned from previous tinkering and patent development, a weightlifting belt, and a rubber resistance band. He’s since overseen many iterations of the Powercore 360 system, the result of real-world experimentation on countless athletes, coaches and instructors.


Of all his accomplishments, Billy sees the Powercore 360 system as the culmination of his life’s work. After witnessing the transformative impact this innovative system has on every athlete who encounters it, Billy Glisan is committed to making sure every athlete on the planet has the chance to experience its power.


When the mission seems daunting, all Billy has to do is think about that rebellious kid nobody believed would make anything of himself. Or the millions of kids just like him today, just waiting for someone to believe in them so they can change the world.


Ali Malone - Director of Sales



Ali Malone settled in Fort Collins, Colorado after moving around with her family with previous time spent in California, Tennessee and Hong Kong. Her sports career began early and her success landed as a basketball point guard and a soccer sweeper. She studied pre-veterinary biology at Colorado State University and Colorado Christian University while working full-time at top equine practice, Littleton Large Animal Clinic. After graduating, she soared to the top of the corporate world in veterinary pharmaceutical sales with HESKA Corporation. After achieving multiple promotions and President's Club, award-winning sales, she decided to stay home with her three children until they were all school-aged. In 2016, Ali was connected to Powercore 360 as a consultant and now works as the Director of Sales. On the side, you'll find Ali hiking the many 14ers in Colorado, customizing her own weightlifting routines, planning world travel and taking on Crossfit. She proudly puts her faith and family first and believes firmly in the power of controlling a positive focus in life.





Billy Glisan - PC360 Founder & Owner 




  • Undergraduate Degree in Physical Education & Coaching
  • Master’s Level Exercise Physiologist
  • Certified Exercise Test Technologist, American College of Sports Medicine
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), National Strength & Conditioning Association
  • Golf Fitness Instructor - Titleist Performance Institute
  • 16 years consulting with Volleyball Clubs (Front Range Volleyball Club, Northern Lights, Amarillo Elite, USA National Women’s Sitting Team, others)
  • 16 Years Experience Training Elite Rotational Athletes
  • 7 Years Nation’s Largest Spine Center (Training with Orthopedic Spine Surgeons, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Chiropractic)
  • 12 Years Injury Prevention Work in Major US Corporations
  • Author of Published Books, Chapters & Articles on Spine & Back Rehabilitation, Fitness & Exercise.
  • Inventor and Holder of Two Patents.
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