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The State of Pitcher Development 2016 - Things Are Getting Dangerous Out There.


Everybody and their brother today it seems has a velocity program and uses weighted balls.


Most trainers and coaches use a version of a strength and conditioning program…some are huge proponents of power lifting and Olympic lifts…some are more focused on muscular balance, strength at end ranges of the motion, skill specific strength and functionality…it is also true that a high percentage of all of those folks think they’ve got it 100% right, have very little doubt of their own infallibility and that the other guy with a different opinion is an idiot or a charlatan.


A vast majority utilize elastic tubing for warm up and arm care such a Jaeger, Cross over Symmetry or Oates Specialties.


And more and more people are utilizing different variations of belts to train their athletes how to rotate and utilize their lower half. A new version of it seems to pop up every month or so…with a couple even asking me for my endorsement or support. At the Texas Baseball Ranch, we use the Power Core 360 Complete Training System™ that utilizes not only a hip component, but also a trunk component. We felt this was a crucial improvement over a single belt. 


Here’s the rub: Each of those tools - including The Power Core 360 - can be very beneficial … but they can also be incredible wastes of time…and if utilized incorrectly…each of these wonderful sounding gizmos and processes can have serious, detrimental effects on an athlete’s development.


I know of several groups/individuals who utilize a ‘belt’ with good success. Especially if a very competent mentor is leading the activity. However, even with elite players, I have seen the use of a belt go terribly wrong. Some actually try to convince you the ‘Belt’ is a panacea. It isn’t.


This summer I was visiting the Cape Code League. I watched a college pitcher use one of the more popular versions of the belt in his bullpen prior to the game. While I’m admittedly not an expert on the more nuanced use of this particular piece of equipment, I do understand the primary purposes and most basic tenets of its use as forwarded and demonstrated by its inventor.  This athlete clearly failed to grasp these basic tenets.  I’ve seen it hundreds of times at the Ranch over the years. A player misinterprets the drill, activity or processes and the result is a poor or a more inefficient pattern. In other words, the athlete was going backwards. Horribly backwards. It’s happened to all of us.


Reason #2 for coming to the Ultimate Pitching Coach Boot Camp- Learn how to maximize the use of your lower half equipment (Belt) and at the same time, minimize the risk of negative blending or neuromuscular confusion or corruption.


What we have developed and continually are working on at the Texas Baseball Ranch is a Training Progression of sorts utilizing the Power Core 360; from basic activation and correct sequencing to far more complex and multisegment training.



The following pictures were screen captures of our athletes going through their more basic progressions utilizing the Power Core 360 Complete Training system at our recent Advanced Alumni Camp in Montgomery TX. 


Oliver Kadey went from 83-84 to 96 in a little over a year using these concepts and will be sharing our process on the Bonus Day on Thursday, December 8th. 




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