Success stories

Eric Thames

Eric Thames Story - Eric Thames started his career in MLB. After a couple seasons Eric signed a deal with one of the top KBO teams. Prior to leaving for South Korea Eric bought a PC360 Power hip trainer. By his second year, he became the MVP in SK, playing for one the leagues top teams, where he earned himself the nickname "GOD!". After his great year, Eric was offered another MLB opportunity. He came back to the MLB in USA in 2017 and lead the majors in home runs for the first 8 weeks of the season.

Andy Burns

Similar to Eric Thames' story, Andy started his career on a MLB team. Andy was offered a contract to play in the KBO and prior to his first season Andy worked out with Powercore 360 and Billy Glisan. After a succesful first season Andy returned to Colorado to train his entire offseason using Powercore 360 with Billy. Andy trained with PC360 3-4 days per week this past offseason. The training improved his hip and spine mobility and stability, his hip and shoulder separation and his exit velocity to 101 mph. So far this 2018 season he has hit 7 home runs in the past 6 games, has 13 for the year and is way ahead of his past season’s power hitting performance.

Colorado 3A Player of the Year

Colorado 3A Player of the Year Story - To preface, to protect the eligibility of this player we wont use his name or identity but as a sophomore in high school, this player was introduced in the offseason to PC360 training equipment and power hitting programs to improve his hitting mechanics and to build increase hitting power and bat speed. His junior year he led his conference in home runs. His senior year, heading into the state playoffs he had some great performances finishing one game with a walk off home run and in the state finals he went 5 for 5, with 3 home runs, 9 rbis, a cycle and a state championship to his name. A week later he was named 3A state player of the year. Not surprisingly, he’s now on his way to play in college. Quite a change from the player that two years ago people made fun of his swing on social media. Work hard and do the right things and anyone, everyone will improve!