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Increasing Hip & Shoulder Separation improves power hitting & pitching mechanics,

increases arm & bat speed and prevents injury

Increase Hip & Shoulder Separation to increase VELO

Use PC360's Hip & Shoulder Separation Program to:

1) increase mobility and stability in the thoracic spine & hips

2) improve power hitting & pitching mechanics

3) build explosive strength by teaching the athlete to use their entire body to hit with greater power & arm speed

4) reduce the stress on the hitting & pitching shoulder, arm, back and spine


Training with PC360's Advanced Training System:

Athletes train 3x/week using our patented Powercore 360 Advanced Training System. This system accelerates the learning process as athletes can feel correct and incorrect hitting movements to rapidly build the proper power serving & attack swing movement patterns. The system quickly & dramatically increases explosive power as athletes perform hitting movements against resistance bands connected to our hip or torso harness, or to our arm and leg cuffs. Finally, speed is developed as athletes use the assistance of resistance bands to perform over-speed drills to move the hips, spine & shoulders faster than they can move them on their own while safely performing hitting movements.Our equipment and programs can be used for a single athlete or for an entire team in a group setting. It can be performed at home, at the gym, or on the court.


why does hip & shoulder separation work?

It's a widely accepted fact amongst sports scientists that 80% of power for rotational sports movements is generated from hip & shoulder separation. If you're trying to improve arm and bat speed, are your athletes spending 80% of your strength training time on increasing hip & shoulder separation? We find that almost 100% of strength and conditioning time for many athletes is spent on exercises which often don't address or improve hip & shoulder separation.

Most times, an athletes ability to hit or throw with increasing power is dependent upon their rotational mobility and stability (control). If athletes aren't able to fully rotate their hips & shoulders, around their spine and in the proper movement sequence, their body will be limited to the forces from the use of their hitting arm & shoulder to hit or throw with power.

Powercore 360 was developed to leverage the use of the entire body to spread forces over a larger area while increasing hip & shoulder separation, and ultimately increasing hitting power and arm speed.


For youth athletes we have seen increases in exit velocity of 10-12 MPH for hitting. High school pitchers have demonstrated 4-10 MPH increases in arm velocity with significant improvements in mechanics.

For Pros and College players we see averages of 5 MPH increases in hitting velocity in a few weeks.

What the science says

In this video and you will hear from one of the top pitching coaches in the world who states that 80% of throwing power comes from hip & shoulder separation. Credit - YouTube account "Scotty Gilbertson"

Before & After image results

Take a look at this professional player that went through the Powercore 360 Hip & Shoulder Separation Program. The image on the left is a couple months before starting the program, this is right toward the end of the 2017 season. Notice that when his left foot is at contact with the ground, his shoulders are almost 100% parallel. He is leaving alot of consistent power on the table with this lack of separation.
In the second image, when his left foot is at contact, he's getting close to 90 degree separation between his shoulders and hips. This was after one month of the PC360 Hip & Shoulder Separation Program, using the exercises in the video above. He was able to generate, on average, an increase of 5 MPH exit velocity when hitting. This may seem inconsequential, but, for a pro player, this is quite a major difference. He also mentioned he was much more able to easily rotate and that in general his body felt much more open and loose.
We notice similar results in the throwing and pitching disciplines. Greater results have been achieved when using the program with younger athletes since they arent as fully developed and much greater mechanical changes can be trained in relatively short periods of time.






"Powercore 360 trains balance, direction, timing, rhythm & separation all at the same time. I love how it works t-spine rotation with scapula movement together."


MLB Player

"Powercore 360 allows you to work faster, through the zone, but, you're still controlling it. Its a night and day difference!"



"I dont like it, I love it. Powercore 360 provides immediate feedback on every swing."

who is using Powercore 360 across the USA?

Countless Facilities, Training Centers and Teams Across the US use Powercore 360 for their training needs

hip and shoulder separation program

The Powercore 360 Hip & Shoulder Separation Program is a specific, step by step, guide to dramatically increasing Hip & Shoulder Separation and Mobility, safely and more effectively than anything else on the market. Follow along with the Powercore 360 Advanced Training System to not only increase mobility of your sports specific movements but also increase strength, speed and power within those movements.


Advanced Training System


Hip & Shoulder Separation Program