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Power Circuit Program

Our Baseball & Softball Power Circuit Program is a downloadable program that builds the specific strength, power & speed to help increase arm, bat & foot speed. This program does not require any Powercore 360 Equipment.

From $9.99

Advanced Training System

Our Advanced Training System is the best training tool to develop the specific strength, power & speed to maximize improvements in arm, bat and foot speed.

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Power Circuit Program

    It Works    

Exercises designed specifically for the key movements athletes need to improve arm, bat & foot speed.


Mobile program that can be used at home, the gym or a school weight room.


The cost of two trips to your favorite coffee shop.

Athletes need to train the specific movements of a sport motion and not individual muscles. This power circuit program focuses on exactly that, the specific movements of baseball & softball hitting, throwing & running.

Advanced Training System

      It Works        

Our advanced Training System is the fastest way to gain full body results, designed specifically to improve bat, arm and foot speed.Text


Can be used anywhere, home, the field, the gym or on the road.Text

Prevent Injury  

Increases mobility & stability while reducing the risk of injury by strengthening the right muscles needed to tolerate extreme velocities.Text

Athletes need to train the specific movements of a sport motion and not individual muscles. The Powercore 360 Advanced Training System allows athletes to directly attach resistance bands to the specific parts of the body needed to generate the maximum forces to increase arm, bat & foot speed. (Specifically the hips, upper spine & shoulders.)

Customer Reviews

Darren Holmes - Pro Coach and Former Pro Pitcher

"Powercore 360 trains balance, direction, timing, rhythm & separation all at the same time. I love how it works t-spine rotation with scapula movement together."

Andy Burns - MLB Pro

"Powercore 360 allows you to work faster, through the zone, but, you're still controlling it. It's a night and day difference!"