- Who we are looking for -

- Have professional experience either playing or training volleyball athletes

- Open minded approach to science based training



- Two full size volleyball courts

- traditional volleyball equipment including standards and balls

Please contact us at info@powercore360.com

- What we do -

Powercore 360 provides a science based approach to training volleyball. We have developed training products and processes that help athletes get better, faster and safer. We have been successfully running clinics across the country and are looking for a select few trainers in cities across the US to join the team and be your regions go to trainer to teach our specialized methods to local athletes.


Powercore 360 has been running clinics across the country for years and as demand has grown, we are looking for select trainers/players/coaches to learn our methods so we can have a couple "home bases" across the country to send athletes to. If you're interested, click the link and learn more.

Tara Mueller, talks about the Power Hitting Clinic.

Clinic Instructors:

1) Billy Glisan, Founder & Developer Powercore 360; has trained 1000's of youth to professional athletes.

Other coaches to be announced soon!


Video Highlights Below from PREVIOUS ClinicS

Please contact us at info@powercore360.com

Clinic Results (nov. 10/11th) - Denver

On average, all athletes improved their hitting velocity by 6.0 mph at the clinic, an 19.7% improvement.


Click Here to See Athlete's Power Hitting Assessment from Clinic.

Clinic Results (jan. 9/10th) - jackson Hole, WY

On average, all athletes improved their hitting velocity by 6.3 mph at the clinic, an 19.5% improvement.

Clinic Results (feb. 23/24th) - San Antonio

On average, all athletes improved their hitting velocity by 6.3 mph at the clinic, an 19.5% improvement.


Click Here to See Clinic Summary.

Parent Reviews

  1. I can't rave enough about the improvements our daughter made in the 2 days of this program. I think it has made her excited to start working harder on training her body to do what it needs without needing to think about it. Thank you and all of the coaches, for everything you taught her (and me) this weekend!
  2. By getting the parents involved, I believe you helped the athletes become more vested in the program. I know for myself that helped me really understand the mechanics of the program so that I can give her meaningful pointers and guidance. I believe the videos of the athletes doing the mechanics correctly really help them visualize what they needed to do. The videos the athletes' actual performance and progression I believe gave them a visual of what they were doing wrong and right. I also thought the results and feedback reports were very helpful as well. Overall it was absolutely an excellent program and I highly recommend it. I believe it has made her more confident in her abilities and hitting. I look forward to implementing the program at home with your equipment and training plan as I believe it will truly help her gain the confidence and skills to have an awesome upcoming club season.


  1. I really enjoyed the program. The training was great and I got a ton of new information and I really learned how to hit! I learned the mechanics and how the break down of each part of the hit. I do wish it was longer, but it is a great overall program.


  1. The clinic was amazing! Billy is an expert at what he does, and his coaching style is extremely effective. He broke the attack down into steps that the girls were able to focus on and start intentionally implementing right away. By progressing through watching what they needed to do, visualizing themselves going through the correct motions, and then going through the steps intentionally, the girls began to make visible improvements right away. The harness and bands that Billy taught the girls to use helped the girls engage their whole body correctly in the attack. The team has been using the harness and bands at the beginning of every practice as part of their warmup, and they are helping the girls to make continuous progress in hitting harder. The girls and all the coaches, including myself, found immense value in the hitting clinic. The girls seemed to find a new confidence and desire to be aggressive on the court during the two day clinic, and made huge growth in hitting more powerfully. I'm excited to continue implementing all that Billy taught the athletes during the clinic. Thank you, Billy!
    With gratitude, Anna

    1. Billy Glisan does an amazing job of teaching the attack mentality and building up the players confidence. Our players finished the clinic with a renewed sense of competitiveness, a desire to hit harder, and be a bigger impact for their team. To see the before and after improvement was great for the girls to see, and it has encouraged them to continue to work on the skills learned in the clinic. As a club, we continue to use the equipment to improve our hitters abilities, and we are seeing great improvements. We would highly recommend Billy’s clinics, and hope to have him back in Jackson Hole soon. Club Director


Clinic Video Clips

Please contact us at info@powercore360.com


Terry Pettit

Hall of Fame NCAA Head Coach


"The Powercore 360 is the the best tool I know of for teaching an athlete how to feel the optimal sequence for generating the power to serve or spike a volleyball!"

Jim Miret

Head Coach Front Ranger Volleyball Club

& Former Junior National Team Coach

"We use the Powercore 360 to help develop proper hitting mechanics and increase power. Its an invaluable tool for our players of all ages!"

Nicole Edelman

Pro Volleyball Player


"My work with Powercore 360 benefitted me through injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, core strengthen and awareness, which was implemented specifically to volleyball skills such as hitting, serving and setting!"