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Baseball, Football, Golf, Lacrosse, MMA, Softball, Tennis, Volleyball

$9.99 per month or $99 annually

What you get!

  • Digital Courses: Courses for Golf, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, MMA and many other rotational sports.
  • FREE Access to PC360 Programs: Downloadable programs with step-by-step instructions.
  • Live Q&A with PC360 Master Coaches: Get tips and training help with PC360 Founder Billy Glisan and other PC360 Master Coaches.
  • FREE access to Facebook Community: Ask questions or get training tips from other Powercore 360 community members.
  • Exclusive Offers: Our store is always on sale for our members.

PC360 Training Testimonial

$9.99 per month or $99 annually

Who is PC360 U for?

  • Youth: We have beginning level courses and programs, taking youth and the parents from step one in their development through to the highschool level athlete.
  • Collegiate and Pro: High level and advanced training techniques for athletes in their athletic primes.
  • Mature Athlete: Courses and exercises for those of us who want to continue to enjoy improving at our sports as we age. Focusing on keeping the body healthy, mobile and strong.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Do I need your training products to sign up or join the training?

Answer: No, some of these programs are designed to be performed without PC360 Training Systems, but the best and fastest results will come from our PC360 Training Systems combined with the training programs.


Question: What’s included in the PC360 U?

Answer: A variety of training programs that provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform many different PC360 exercises, using PC360 equipment. This includes what color resistance band to use and the exact number of sets, repetitions and other exercise variables. Videos demonstrate how to perform each exercise correctly. Programs show the order of exercises to be performed and what order to perform them in. Also you have weekly access to live training and Q&A sessions with our PC360 coaches as well as access to our private Facebook group.


Question: What if we are unsure about an exercise and need some assistance

Answer: Jump in on Q&A session using Zoom where questions can be asked in regards to the programs, exercises, mechanics…


Question: Is this a contract?

Answer: No, it's a monthly commitment. You can stop at any time.


Question: What if an athlete is experiencing pain or discomfort with their program or exercises.

Answer: Jump in on a Q&A call to get live assistance and direction.


Question: How long are the programs in the PC360 U?

Answer: The programs vary from a few weeks to up to 12 weeks for the longest program.


Billy Glisan
Powercore 360 Founder
Billy tours the United States as a skills coach, mentor and motivator. He trains professional athletes, coaches and student athletes in one-on-one training as well as group clinics. Glisan takes great pride in helping student athletes develop the skills to compete for coveted NCAA scholarships, and to play in top colleges and universities.
For more than 20 seasons, Billy has trained Olympic and professional athletes, including State, National and World Champions. With a passion to help young athletes develop their skills to become serious collegiate players, he has become one of the United States’ premier Strength & Conditioning and Power Hitting Consultants for NCAA Division I, II, III.


Pro players and Coaches

Blake Doyle - MLB Hitting Coach

Steve Fairchild - NFL & NCAA Coach

Terry Pettit - HOF Volleyball Coach

Lauren Howe - LPGA Pro

Greg Riddoch - MLB Coach & Former Player

Ryan Ammerman & Jim Miret

Damion Easely - MLB Player & Coach

Liz Kritzka - Former CU Volleyball Coach

Andy Burns - MLB Player

Bret Williamson - MLB Scout , W/ MLB Player