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Why PC360 Rotational Power Training?

Most athletes:

  1. Train strength, power & explosiveness in ONLY a vertical direction (squats, lunges, RDL's...) when their sport skills require explosiveness in a horizontal and rotational direction.
  2. Train sport skills separately from strength, power & speed training, which takes more time, costs more money and takes longer to improve.

PC360 Rotational Power Clinics train strength, power, speed and skills at the same time, immediately improving their sports performance & skills.

- Improve Rotational power

    See immediate improvements in explosive rotational sports skills using our proprietary PC360 training process & equipment

- Explosive Sports Skills

    Hit, throw, kick, punch with greater power & speed

- reduce injury risk

    Re-adjust their mechanics to avoid sports issues (shoulder, back) and common sports training injuries (knees, ACL, ankles)

- boost confidence

      Play stronger with feel more confidence

- Follow up TRAINING

      We offer a variety of ways for athletes to train & improve rotational power with PC360 after each clinic to get continually better

WE are committed!

If you have been to most youth sports camps, you might notice that they just jam pack as many athletes in the camp or clinic as possible, with little focus on individual instruction. More times than not, athletes leave with no clear idea of what they need to be doing to improve "THEIR" game. That's what makes a Powercore 360 clinic different. Powercore 360 clinics are all about making the athletes better, faster (in one session) but also about continued education and training after the clinic is over.

-Billy Glisan -

Billy is the founder of Powercore 360 and has over 20 years teaching and training Rotational Athletes



  • National Director of Training for 12 Rehabilitation Centers for Nation's Largest Spine Center
  • Published Author: 1) Spine & Back Care Books & Articles, 2) Contributing Author Book: Back In Shape, 3) Consumer Guide Book: 50 Ways To Reduce Back Pain, 4) Articles on Back Strength in various magazines such as Shape and others.
  • Injury Prevention Consultant to fortune 500 companies such as General Motors, Shell, ExxonMobil, Texas Instruments, Target and others.
  • Strength & Conditioning and Power Hitting Consultant for Division I, II and Junior College NCAA Volleyball Programs, Front Range Volleyball Club, Northern Lights, Amarillo Elite.
  • Trained Club, Collegiate, Olympic & Professional Athletes, including State, National, & World Champions. Sports include: Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Football, Track & Field and others for over 20 years.
  • Developed Arm, Bat, Club Head, Stick and Racquet Speed & Vertical Jump Programs for Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball and others.
  • Has Trained Thousands of Explosive Athletes, from Youth to Professionals, including State, National & World Champions.


Velocity Improvements

We commonly see the following improvements in velocity for these sports (for healthy athletes, 13-18 years of age) in the clinic:

  • Baseball & Softball Hitting 6-10 MPH (exit velocity)
  • Baseball & Softball Throwing 2-3 MPH (ball velocity)
  • Football Throwing 3-5 MPH (ball velocity)
  • Hockey Slap Shot 4-6 MPH (puck velocity)
  • Lacrosse Striking 6-8 MPH (ball velocity)
  • Soccer Kicking 6-10 MPH (ball velocity)
  • Tennis Forehand/Backhand 6-8 MPH (ball velocity)
  • Volleyball Hitting 4-6 MPH (hitting into net)

Clinic Detail

What: Clinic to teach athletes how to use their legs, hips, core, spine and body to immediately increase their rotational power to hit, throw, kick with greater power & speed.

Who: Athletes, ages 13-18. (Athletes need to be healthy - free from shoulder, elbow, back, spine, hip or knee pain & injuries).

Cost: $39

Further Info: Contact Billy Glisan (970) 556-0435,


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