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Most training products and programs attempt to train your core, through your arms. Most athletes when doing these movements “arm it”, they put excessive energy in to moving their arms and not their legs and core, which are the real power centers of the body.

Stop trying to train your body to rotate with medicine balls, donuts and pulley machines. Instead, attach resistance directly to your core!!!!

3 Options To Increase Overhead Arm Speed

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Billy Glisan
Powercore 360 CEO
Coach Billy currently tours the United States as a skills coach, mentor and motivator. He trains professional athletes, coaches and student athletes in one-on-one training as well as group clinics. Glisan takes great pride in helping student athletes develop the skills to compete for coveted NCAA scholarships, and to play in top colleges and universities.
For more than 20 seasons, Coach Billy has trained Olympic and professional athletes, including State, National and World Champions. With a passion to help young athletes develop their skills to become serious collegiate players, he has become one of the United States’ premier Strength & Conditioning and Power Hitting Consultants for NCAA Division I, II, III.


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Steve Fairchild - NFL & NCAA Coach

Terry Pettit - HOF Volleyball Coach

Lauren Howe - LPGA Pro

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