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Train with PC360 12x/Month

- Improve Power Hitting & Hitting Performance Skills -

power hitting Program Information   

  • Weekly Live 60-Minute Group Sessions On-the-Court
    • Hitting Performance Metrics
    • Video Slow Motion Athlete Feedback

    • Radar Measurements of Ball Speed

    • Accuracy & Consistency Measures

  • 2x/week Online Strength & Conditioning Sessions

    • Volleyball- & Hitting-Specific Exercises for Shoulders, Core, Hips

  • Monthly Power Hitting & Volleyball Performance Tips via Newsletter

      • Mental Training - How to Play Tougher

      • Nutrition - How to Eat to Improve Hitting & Playing Performance

      • Injury Prevention - How to Avoid Common Volleyball Injuries

  • *Program Cost $200/month (12 sessions for $16/session)

    • Drop-in cost is $20/session

  • Maximum 10 Athletes/Group w 2 **Coaches/Session

*Athlete must attend 4- or 8-hour Power Hitting Clinic Prior to Participation

**Coaches each session may vary per session, including Billy Glisan, Jim Miret, Ryan Ammerman, Jillian Humphrey & Dalton Ammerman.

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