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Train Movements, Not Muscles!


Hall of Fame Coach

Former Nebraska Coach Terry Pettit


"Volleyball Success".

I hear it every week. "My daughter has gotten bigger and stronger but she's not hitting or jumping any better. In fact, they may have actually gotten worse. Even though they’re now bigger and definitely stronger, they’re slower, less explosive, and yet we spent months and a lot of money training." What gives?

The unfortunate reality is, while general strength training can help athletes develop bigger muscles and gain additional strength, developing power and speed for specific sports movements is different from simply just getting stronger. While strength is a component of hitting power and arm speed, it requires a special type of strength from specific exercises, performed in a precise way to actually improve hitting power & arm speed.

It's really more about training movements, the specific movements of the sports skill, like hitting and jumping to improve the power and speed of a specific sports movement. And it’s not our personal belief or bias, it’s science!

Powercore 360 Circuit Program

The Powercore 360 Power & Speed Circuit will increase the necessary specific strength, power and speed to improve volleyball hitting power, arm speed, and vertical jump.

This program is great for Volleyball athletes 13 and up.

This program utilizes equipment that can be found in most gyms, training centers or school facilities, giving anyone the opportunity to improve the key movements responsible for improving arm, bat, ball and foot speed.

  • It works right off your phone.
  • Instructions are easy to follow and has helpful instructional videos.
  • You get an entire month’s worth of training for less than half the cost of 1 typical training session.


Volleyball Hitting Power, Arm Speed & Vertical Jump Circuit


4 Most Important Movements

To quickly improve hitting, throwing and running power & speed, baseball & softball athletes need to improve in 4 specific movement patterns:

  1. Triple Flexion & Extension (mobility & stability to bend & extend the ankles, knees & hips).
  2. Shoulder Turn (thoracic spine mobility & stability).
  3. Hip Turn (hip rotational mobility & stability).
  4. Shoulder Rotation (rotator cuff mobility & stability).


PC360's Power Circuit is designed to improve your arm, bat and foot speed by increasing the strength, power & speed of these 4 critical movements of the body.

Triple Extension

Shoulder Turn

Hip Turn

Arm & Shoulder Cuff Rotation

The Science

You are how you train. You've probably heard that before right? Well what does that mean in the real world? This graph below is a visual representation of the results that can be expected from certain types of strength training. This isn't our research or bias, this data has been published in many scientific books & research studies for decades. You can see there are two ends to the graph, there is a maximum force or strength, which we will call "slow strength" and there is maximum velocity or speed, which we will call "speed strength."

As you increase low rep, maximum strength, you are directly, negatively affecting (decreasing) your speed.

The type of training you engage in and how you train it really impacts your results and the type of strength (i.e., max. strength vs. speed strength) you'll develop.


It’s critical that you choose the right type of exercise AND perform it in the correct fashion if you want to build explosive strength to increase arm, bat, ball and foot speed rather, than just training to get bigger and stronger.


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Volleyball Hitting Power, Arm Speed & Vertical Jump Circuit