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Powercore 360’s Volleyball Weekly Training

- On-the-Court Technique Training -  

Weekly Training Participants will:

  • Continually develop & refine power hitting & arm speed mechanics.
  • Learn how to better use their legs, hips, core, shoulders & arms to hit harder.
  • Strengthen the specific power hitting muscles.
  • Build the needed muscle memory to automate power hitting mechanics.
  • Protect the shoulders, back and knees from associated injuries.

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What: These weekly 1-hour, on-the-court, group training sessions are focused on the continued development of improved power hitting mechanics and increased arm speed, as well as the continued development of a "power hitting mindset".

Where: Front Range Volleyball Club

8480 Upland Drive, Suite 100, Englewood, CO 80112

When: Saturday, May 11th, 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Who: The first 2-8 players to register.

Cost: $50 per athlete/session. PRE-REGISTRATION is REQUIRED!

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Terry Pettit

Hall of Fame NCAA Head Coach


"The Powercore 360 is the the best tool I know of for teaching an athlete how to feel the optimal sequence for generating the power to serve or spike a volleyball!"

Jim Miret

Head Coach Front Ranger Volleyball Club

& Former Junior National Team Coach

"We use the Powercore 360 to help develop proper hitting mechanics and increase power. Its an invaluable tool for our players of all ages!"

Nicole Edelman

Pro Volleyball Player


"My work with Powercore 360 benefitted me through injury rehabilitation, injury prevention, core strengthen and awareness, which was implemented specifically to volleyball skills such as hitting, serving and setting!"