Volleyball Hitting





Put on your PC360 Hip & Torso Harness and connect the resistance band. Follow instructions on our FREE mobile app or purchasable & downloadable programs.



Train your typical hitting & spiking movements with resistance to specifically strengthen, stretch and activate the muscles directly involved in the hitting & spiking movements.



After training with PC360, remove the resistance bands and immediately perform live reps to feel how your body performs the hitting & spiking motion with greater rotational mobility, speed and power.



Training with PC360 lets athletes train in the exact movements of their sport. No more wasted movements and counterproductive training or weight lifting that doesn't apply to your sport.

- Improved Hip & Shoulder Separation

- Use of Full Body Power

- Reduced Risk of Shoulder and Elbow Injury

- Increased Hitting & Spiking Power


PC360 can be completed in a half hour, a couple times per week and can be done while performing your sports drills or movements, ANYWHERE.


Compared to gym memberships, numerous personal coaching sessions and pricey camps, Powercore 360 can benefit athletes on a limited budget. Our free APP allows an athlete to access sports-specific drills directly from their smartphone, while anchoring to any suitable structure.


Advanced Training System


Intermediate System