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Full Body Training System - Throwing Programs Bundle

This is the Powercore 360 Full Body Training System. This full body training system trains the entire body, 360 degrees around. By combining our hip and our torso trainer it maximizes mobility for the entire body and is the most effective way to train for rotational power on the market. 


For athletes, the ability to attach resistance tubing to the hips, torso, hands, arms and legs offers the ability to train in the exact movements of any particular sport. For those who enjoy being active and find themselves with a loss of mobility, joint pain etc, this system is great to help increase range of motion and strengthen areas of the body that are weak.


This bundle comes with:

Full Body Training System - $199 Value

Golf Effortless Power Program - $99 Value

Overhand Throwing & Hitting Program - $99 Value

Hip & Shoulder Separation Program - $15.99 Value

Arm Care & Core Strength Program - $19.99 Value

Volleyball Power Hitting - $99 Value

Hip Harness Size
Torso Harness Size

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