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Athletes and coaches may be required to wear masks at all clinics! (We normally include parents in all our clinics but that may not be allowed based on the state & facility).

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Let's Be Honest!

Most youth sports programs just jam pack as many athletes in the session as possible, with little focus on individual instruction.

We purposefully cap our athlete numbers at 20 maximum to maintain the quality of the instruction & training.

"Our players finished the program with a renewed sense of competitiveness, a desire to hit harder, and be a bigger impact for their team. As a club, we continue to use the equipment to improve our hitters abilities, and we are seeing great improvements."

Club Director




Sports aren't just about being the best athlete, they're also about believing you're the best athlete.

We not only track performance data, we also track athlete goals, plans and confidence from before the clinic, throughout the entire process.

Improve Power Hitting

    See immediate improvements in skills and mechanics through our proven High-Level PC360 training

Reduce Injury Risk

Re-adjust their mechanics to avoid hitting issues (shoulder, back) and common volleyball injuries (knees, ACL, ankles)

Strengthen Weaknesses

      Using our state of the art technology we will analyze their current skills and noticeably improve their areas of weakness to make them stronger, faster and more powerful, quickly

Boost Confidence

      By stepping up their game and giving more support to their teammates, they will play stronger and feel more confident in all aspects

Who We Are!

Billy Glisan is the founder of Powercore 360 and has over 20 years teaching and training Volleyball Athletes


  • National Director of Training for 12 Rehabilitation Centers for Nation's Largest Spine Center
  • Published Author: 1) Spine & Back Care Books & Articles, 2) Contributing Author Book: Back In Shape, 3) Consumer Guide Book: 50 Ways To Reduce Back Pain, 4) Articles on Back Strength in various magazines such as Shape and others.
  • Injury Prevention Consultant to fortune 500 companies such as General Motors, Shell, ExxonMobil, Texas Instruments, Target and others.
  • Strength & Conditioning and Power Hitting Consultant for Division I, II and Junior College NCAA Volleyball Programs, Front Range Volleyball Club, Northern Lights, Amarillo Elite.
  • Trained Club, Collegiate, Olympic & Professional Athletes, including State, National, & World Champions. Sports include: Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Football, Track & Field and others for over 20 years.
  • Developed Arm, Bat, Club Head, Stick and Racquet Speed & Vertical Jump Programs for Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball and others.
  • Has Trained Thousands of Explosive Athletes, from Youth to Professionals, including State, National & World Champions.
"Your program was truly a game changer. You provided a reasonable and achievable road map for all of the boys to become the best athletes they can be. They’ve never received this kind of information before and within 4 hours I guarantee all of them saw drastic improvements in their skills."




We gather data for every athlete at our INTRO CLINICS, so athletes have a baseline at the beginning and can compare how they have the progressed in just 90 minutes of training.

For those athletes that continue on to one of our multi-training programs, we continue on with gathering data and tailoring programs and training to guarantee progress


Clinic Video Clips

"I can't rave enough about the improvements our daughter made in the 2 days of this program. I think it has made her excited to start working harder on training her body to do what it needs without needing to think about it. Thank you and all of the coaches, for everything you taught her (and me) this weekend!"


2021 Clinic & Training Options

9-Hour Clinics

Back by Popular Demand

Looking for a comprehensive Advanced Power Hitting Clinic, directed by Billy Glisan & local PC360 Coaches?

The 9-Hour PC360 Power Hitting Clinic Features:

  • 1-hour ZOOM group (virtual) orientation session (prior to clinic)
  • 8-hours on-the-court, intensive focus on:
    • Continual on-the-court video analysis
    • Arm & shoulder mechanics training for both power & injury prevention
    • Hip turn & body rotation
    • Approach speed mechanics
    • Basic hip loading & jump mechanics
    • Landing mechanics training
    • PC360 equipment instruction (introduction to arm trainer, hip trainer, torso trainer)
    • Core & shoulder strengthening exercises for power & injury prevention
  • Powercore 360 Full Body Training System+
    • $297 value - our Full Body System plus an additional grey band & arm cuff to do PC360 advanced power hitting exercises

Full body traininig system+

  • 1st Month FREE - PC360 Member's Only Site
    • Access to all PC360 Volleyball Training Programs
    • Volleyball Power Hitting, Arm & Shoulder Strengthening, Arm Re-Patterning, Vertical Jump and many others
    • Weekly LIVE Zoom Q&A Groups Sessions
    • Unlimited access to Billy & PC360 coaches via private 360 Member's Only Facebook

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members only facebook group

Arm Swing Mechanics

Arm & Shoulder Strength

Arm Speed

How Shoulder Blade Moves

Strengthening the Hip Turn

Regional Training Options (Cleveland, Denver, Los Angeles, San Antonio)

Step 1 - Attend Introductory 3-Hour Clinic

Our 3-Hour Introductory Clinics are the foundation of our training programs.

In these clinics we use the latest technology to measure each athlete's hitting velocity (arm speed) and slow motion video analysis software to capture hitting mechanics.


The first hour is a ZOOM virtual session at home (off-the-court) facilitated by PC360 Master Coaches), where we provide video analysis of:

  • Ideal power hitting mechanics & technique
  • Introduce ideal arm swing body rotation mechanics for power hitting
  • Discuss the athletes' "why" and provide knowledge so athletes & parents understand the learning & training process
  • Provide an overview of what college coaches are looking for physically & mentally on the court


The second and third hours are on-the-court with local PC360 Certified Power Hitting Coaches, introducing the athletes to the basics of how to move their body to improve:

  • power hitting mechanics
  • arm speed
  • hip turn & whole-body rotation
  • injury prevention techniques and exercises to prevent knee, back & shoulder injuries

PC360 Training Equipment

We introduce some of our proprietary PC360 training products to speed their learning and make immediate improvements in their power hitting mechanics and actual arm & ball speed.

At the conclusion of each clinic we have everything we need to help the athlete build a plan to improve their hitting performance in follow-up training sessions. They will leave with an understanding of the training process and what they need to do to improve their power hitting performance.

Step 2 - Follow-Up Training

Once the athlete has attended an Introductory Clinic, they are truly ready to take their performance to the next level.

Depending on location, we offer numerous monthly training opportunities, where athletes can continue to train with us many times per month and throughout the year.

Depending on the option chosen, we offer the option to track each athlete's power hitting training data (hitting velocity, hitting mechanics and power hitting confidence). This way you'll know your hard earned money is actually making a difference.

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