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The Why Behind Powercore 360

About Billy Glisan, PC360 Founder & President

The Short Story 

Sports Were My Escape

As a young child, sports were my escape from the sounds of my parents' fighting. I would spend hours outside the house just shooting baskets, throwing balls against the fence, running and catching balls just to avoid being inside the house. Later in my youth, sports channeled my energy off the streets and into something positive.

Sports Saved Me

In junior high, after getting back into sports and off the streets, I found myself behind other athletes developmentally. In high school, I became a jock, but I was a late bloomer. I quit basketball as a high school senior and yet somehow a year after high school I found myself playing recreationally against local college players when a college coach saw the raw talent I had.

With an opportunity to play college basketball, I was possessed with the thought of getting better. Basketball became who I was for many years. I worked harder than everyone else, spending hours in the gym working on ball handling, jumping, and playing the game I loved. I ran stairs, sprinted up hills and jumped rope to increase my vertical jump, speed and quickness. 

Sports Failures

After numerous failed attempts at playing college ball, lacking the discipline to avoid the distractions of partying and with the lack of any parental guidance, I found myself quitting at numerous colleges. I lacked the perseverance and maturity it took to work through the difficulties and challenges college sports (and as I would find out later, life) required.

Getting An Education

When I realized my NBA future was over, I finally went to college to get an education and try to make something of myself. Being highly motived, I made it through undergrad and graduate school in 5 straight years without taking a semester off.

As an undergrad, I learned that I had a passion for learning about the science behind sports movements and training. In graduate school, I received the advanced science education that would serve as my foundation for a career that would evolve into fitness, wellness, spine rehabilitation, injury prevention and sports training. 

Training My Kids

Years later, as an educated parent of my own developing athletic children, I was frustrated watching how slow the process was and how so many coaches lacked the science and understanding of how to accelerate the teaching, learning and developmental process for my own kids and others.

Volunteer Work

Soon I found myself volunteering with my son's high school basketball teammates. Within a few months, I was completely immersed in running strength & speed programs for both the boy's and girl's high school basketball teams.

The Sports Training Business (XL 'N SPORTS) Begins

Within a year, I was training athletes from track & field, hockey, football, baseball, volleyball and many other sports. I had a training businesses in Denver (at Baseball Training Center owned by former major leaguer pitchers) and (at a large Volleyball Club in Denver). I also a ran a multi-sport training program simultaneously in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Stepping Outside the Box

Almost 20 years later, I have trained thousands of youth to professional athletes, never being ok with just teaching what everyone was because it was trendy; or because that's what they did at the big name colleges. Everything I did had to make scientific sense to me and had to be sound from a physiological, anatomical and biomechanical perspective. Most importantly, it had to be specific to what the athlete was training to accomplish.

I quickly realized that I thought differently from most of the others. I had been training by a lot of really bright physical & occupational therapists, orthopedic surgeons and others who allowed me to see and think broader, differently.

I'm an out-of-the-box guy; maybe a sort of a sports training pioneer. I'm a life-time learner who likes trying new training methodologies and always pushing the limits of my ever-increasing knowledge and skills to more rapidly improve athletic performance.

Life's Lessons Come Full Circle

Many life lessons have been learned in (as my dad would say "in the school of hard knocks"). I've learned not to quit, how to persevere and how hard it is to be a pioneer of sorts in the sports training field.

I've invested decades and a lot of money into trying to help athletes reach their potential. I still work with a few select athletes personally and spend most of my waking hours thinking about how to expand our business to reach and help more athletes reach their athletic potential!


Powercore 360 was Born from my Continual Desire to Help Athletes Get Better, Faster. - Billy Glisan