Products - Train Entire Body for Hitting & Throwing Power and Speed.


Programs - Increase Arm & Ball Speed, while Reducing Injury Risk.


Coaching - Athletes, Parents and Coaches.

How The Pro's Use Powercore 360!

Full Body Training System

Hip & Shoulder Strength

  • Full Body Rotation: Train the entire body: hips, shoulders and arm, to create greater rotational power and the resulting increased arm & shoulder strength and speed.
  • Hip & Shoulder Separation: Improve the separation between hips and shoulders to create more rotational power, arm & ball speed.
  • Reduce Injury Risk: Training your hips, spine and shoulders to turn freely and correctly will reduce the strain on the shoulders and back.
  • Injury Rehab: For those athletes suffering from shoulder pain, our shoulder training products help get you back to being healthy, faster.

How will You Excel?

Arm & Shoulder Trainer


Trains arm strength & shoulder strength, mobility & stability to increase arm speed. Also trains scapular positioning, movement and “scap” load to improve mechanics and prevent injuries.

Hip Trainer


Trains hip & pelvic strength, mobility, stability to increase hip turn, rotational power & speed for hitting. Critical part of improving hip & shoulder separation.

Torso Trainer


Trains core & spine strength, mobility, stability to increase shoulder turn, rotational power & speed for hitting. Critical part of improving hip & shoulder separation.

Full Body Training System


Combines all other PC360 Trainers to train the entire body, building strength, mobility, stability to increase rotational power and speed for arm & shoulder, torso and hip turn for hitting. Complete solution for training hip & shoulder separation.

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Where to Start - FAQ

I'm new to this, which product should I start with?

We recommend starting from the ground up. Starting with our hip trainer, and progressing to the torso and then the arm & shoulder trainer is a great way to go. Of course you can get our full body system and save money and be covered for all areas of training.

If I have trouble after I get the product, how do I get help?

We offer both digital download instructions as well as offer online coaching and have an 8 Week Coaching Masterclass (details below). Have a a question just reach out to us at or by calling 970-556-0435.

What results should I expect and when?

You should notice immediate improvements in power & speed mechanics and added mobility. It's common for first time users to experience remarkable improvements in power & speed. Over time, as you continue to train with the PC360 System you should experience even greater and more consistent improvements in strength, power and speed.

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Ryan Ammerman & Jim Miret

Terry Pettit - Hall Of Fame Coach of Nebraska Huskers

Volleyball Masterclass

8-Week Volleyball Hitting Coaching Masterclass!

  • Our athletes make more teams, play more minutes & get more scholarship opportunities
  • ​Increase hitting power by up to 27% in one session
  • A combined 100+ years of sports training and physical therapy experience
  • We train coaches & parents to train athletes
  • ​State of the art, science-based sports training
  • We train movements, not old school methods like “JUST LIFT WEIGHTS”
  • Patented training products
  • Programs based on decades of training all levels of athletes
  • ​Reduces the risk of injury

Live Clinics

Live Clinic Experience

Learn & Train on-the-court with PC360 Master Coaches

  • 20-30 Athletes Maximum per Session
  • 19-27% Average Improvement in Velocity
  • Immediate Improvements in Mechanics
  • Increased Confidence
  • Learn to Use PC360 Training Systems
  • Slow Motion Video Analysis
  • Training Plan Development

Digital and Downloadable Programs

We offer digital downloadable programs to train improved:

  • Rotational Power
  • Arm Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Hip & Shoulder Separation


Most of our programs are designed to be used with our PC360 training products. We also offer a couple programs that use training equipment found in most gyms or fitness training facilities.

Work with Our Coaches

Work with our PC360 Master Volleyball Coaches

We have worked with hundreds of athletes all over the country from the comfort of their own home or from a gym or training facility. Working online you can learn:

  • Hitting & Attacking Mechanics
  • Vertical Jump
  • Hip & Shoulder Separation
  • Off-Season Strength
  • In-Season Adjustments
  • Post-Rehab Training & Injury Prevention