Tennis Instructions

 General Instructions

To get the most benefit from PC360 products:

  1. Watch the "Instructional Videos" below.
  2. Use the hardcopy/downloadable as a quick visual reminder.


How to Put PC360 System On


Put Harnesses on Correctly

Watch the videos and get things tight before you start your session so that your lesson is focused on the right movements and not on adjusting the harnesses.


Angles are Really Important!

Learn the proper setup and use of the product, specifically the angles of the resistance bands. Watch the videos as the angle and/or direction of a band can make or break the effectiveness of a drill.


Train in Correct Order

The drills on the Powercore 360 App and on the website are in the order they should be performed. Start with #1 before going to #2, #3 and so on.


Work from Ground Up

Start with the feet and get them to do the right movements before moving to the knees, hips and pelvis etc.


Get Better Before Moving to Next Drill

Get correct movements established and get 15-20 reps in each drill before moving to the next drill (as the movements of the feet, legs and hips often impact the movements of the spine, shoulders, arms and hands).


Stay On-Task

Don’t over-coach/over-teach by having the athlete focus on too many things at once. The brain can only focus on one thing at a time. Give athletes one movement at a time to work on and avoid correctly their feet hips, shoulders and hands at the same time.


FEEL versus Telling

Athletes can learn and perform the correct movements faster when they can feel the correct movements happening. Minimize how much you say and let the athletes move with the assistance and resistance of the bands and the harnesses providing immediate feedback to the athlete.


Tennis Instructions

Ground Strokes ()


Drill #1 - Forehand Assisted


Drill #2 - Forehand Resisted


Drill #3 - Backhand Assisted


Drill #4 - Backhand Resisted

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