Baseball Off-Season Hitting Strength, Power & Bat Speed Exercises

Squats Aren’t the Answer!

Squats condition & train the body to move down-and-up vertically, while the baseball & softball hitting motion is predominantly a sideways, rotational movement. So while squats do a great job of strengthening the legs for vertical motions, they’re not going to do much for improving rotationalhitting power and bat speed!

Warm-Up for Hitting Strength & Power

We use a variety of different general rotational warm-up exercises, turning both the right and left, such as the Upward Twist shown in the video below.

Next, the athlete hits using the PC360 baseball training system to activate specific hitting muscles.

Strengthening the Hitting Movement

Baseball hitting strength, power & bat speed is best improved by training the specific muscles responsible for the hitting movement in the same way (same movements) and speed they are used to hit for power.

This exercise improves leg, hip, core, spine and arm strength & stability as the bands are connected to the PC360 Hip Trainer, Torso Trainer and Hands.

Since it’s an off-season program the hitter should work on symmetry (turning both right-to-left and left-to-right).

Off-Season Baseball & Softball Power Hitting Program

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