Baseball Stance Weight Distribution & Hip Power

Hit with Consistent Power!

To consistently hit with maximize power you’ll want to ensure you have the same hitting routine every time you step into the batter’s box. Practice the following routine until you know longer have to think about it:

  1. Step into the box with your right foot
  2. Place 50% of your body weight on both the right & left feet
  3. Move 60% of the weight into your back foot (40% into your front foot)

With 60% of your weight on the inside of your back foot, you’ll be able to push against the ground and better use your leg strength and body weight to immediately improve hitting power.

If you have loaded the back hip correctly, you should feel some tension in the back and outside of the hip muscles (glutes; specifically the glute medius and glute maximus). (When these muscles are loaded or stretched, they will help the movement of the hips & pelvis forwards into the ball to maximize hitting power coming from the ground, legs and lower-half).

Further Set-up & Technique

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