High-Low Pull Down Exercise Impacts Golf Swing & Golf Performance

Improve Ability to Hold Address Posture & Spine Angle

Select Exercises like the “High-Low Pull Down” can Improve Golf Performance by Allowing Golfers to Hold Golf Address Posture throughout the Swing and a 9 or 18-Hole Round.

Most Avid Golfers will Lose their Swing in the Middle of a Round…It’s Often Related to the Lack of Endurance in the Small Stabilizer Muscles. When these Muscles Fatigue, Address Posture & Spine Angle Change Causing the Golfer to Lose their Swing.

A Golfer’s First Priority Should be Small Stabilizer Muscle Training.

Spend at least 50% of you Gym Training or Exercise Focusing on the Smaller Stabilizer Muscles Around the Hips, Pelvis and Spine to See Immediate Gains in Golf Performance.

How to Perform the High-Low Pull Down Exercise to Maximize Golf Performance.

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