How to Strengthen Shoulder for Baseball, Softball Volleyball

Learn How to Strengthen the Shoulder Blade Muscles to Better Position the Shoulder Blades for Maximal Safe Throwing & Hitting Forces

Before Training the Shoulder Rotator Cuff Muscles, Perform the Following Exercise to Position the Shoulder Blades in their Proper Position.

The Shoulder Blades Need to be Properly Positioned so the Shoulders can Create and Tolerate the Forces Related to Throwing or Hitting a Ball Overhead.

If the Rotator Cuff Muscles are Exercised without Positioning the Shoulder Blades in their Ideal Position, the Muscles can get Stronger but the Shoulder will not Produce Maximal Safe Throwing & Hitting Forces. (The Shoulder is Still at Higher Risk for a Throwing or Hitting Related Injury).

Kneeling Shoulder Extension Exercise

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