Shoulder & Arm Strength for Volleyball Players

Get Ready for Tryouts - Hit the Ball HArder!


If you want to impress a high school or college coach, then show up for tryouts or the season and be able to pound the ball.

Mechanics & Strength

Hitting the ball harder is a function of both mechanics & strength. If you've been to one of our Power Hitting Clinics, you've learned the power hitting mechanics we teach (to use your entire to hit the ball harder). In this article, the focus is on four simple exercises you can do (with your PC360 resistance bands and arm cuffs) to strengthen the muscles around your shoulder and arm, so you can hit the ball harder!

Key Muscle Groups

We will focus on strengthening four muscles groups to hit the ball harder:

  1. External Shoulder Rotators
  2. Internal Shoulder Rotators
  3. Posterior Shoulder & Scapular Muscles
  4. Triceps

Avoiding pain & Injury

Hitting the ball harder is great, but if hitting harder means you'll have shoulder pain or worse, an injury, then you'll be sitting on the sidelines or in the Doctor's or therapists's office and not playing. So strengthening these same muscles can help to avoid shoulder pain and injury so that you can help you tolerate the increased arm/shoulder torque that occurs when you hit the ball harder.

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