Volleyball Training is Specific – To Box Jump or Not

Problems with Common Conditioning Exercises:

  • Box Jumps – create a very specific jumping pattern which isn’t the best fit for volleyball players who use a different movement pattern for blocking & power hitting. Superman Jumps are a better choice as they train increased vertical jump height in a pattern that more closely resembles the blocking and a high level (mature) style of hitting.
  • Bench Press – strengthens the front side of the chest and shoulders but isn’t very functional (doesn’t really carry-over as much as other exercises that will also build chest and shoulder strength). Dead Start Push Ups – are a better choice for volleyball as it engages many muscles and trains the body in postures similar to volleyball postures.
  • Back Squat – is a commonly used exercise to strengthen the legs but it has some negatives for developing volleyball players. Kettlebell Squats  – strengthens the core in a posture and movement patterns that better simulates a passing posture or skill.

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