- Back care my story -

Who Am I?




Back Pain Can Be Debilitating. I should know, I’ve been managing it for 40 years.


My first experience with back pain was the day my son was born. Early on the morning of his birth, my wife said to me “I think I’m in labor”. Great cause I can't get out of bed. My lower back was in spasm from a weightlifting event the day before. A family doctor prescribed some muscle relaxants and I was fine in a few hours. But it wasn't my last episode with spasm & pain; only the first!


A few years later, now in Dallas, I was playing in the early morning squash tournament when it went. I didn't warm-up, stretch or do any of the things I was telling others to do before the match. What’s worse, after it went I put ice on it and then stupidly played more competitive squash. That was Saturday morning. Saturday evening I was in the emergency room in severe back spasm & pain. Again muscle relaxers and pain killers prescribed. This time I had continual issues for weeks and months. Many episodes of muscle relaxants, pain killers and laying on the floor...


I went to a chiropractor, an osteopath and a physician friend suggested I go see a spine specialist friend of his at Texas Back Institute, in Plano Texas. The doctor looked at my xrays, did his evaluation and quickly said “you have a grade 1 spondylothesis and IF you keep your core strong and flexible you’ll never need surgery”. He sent me to one of their therapists who told me how to manage the pain with ice and showed me some stretches and told me not to bend and twist.


Now almost 30 years later, I bend, I twist and I swing a golf club at a pretty high speed level for a 62 year old. Over the past few decades I have had a few bouts of back pain, back spasm, and I have learned how to manage my spasms and pain when they arise, more importantly I have learned how to specifically train the muscles my core, hips and spine to bend, twist and move and to avoid back issues for the majority of my life. I lead an active lifestyle, I train athletes for a living, teaching them how to train their core, back, hips and body to turn faster and tolerate turning faster to help them hit, throw, kick and punch with greater power.


I’m now going to share with everyone the key to help you try and prevent back issues, back spasm, and back pain by teaching you how to train your core, spine and hips muscles to avoid back issues, and then when you do have the occasional episode, teach you how to quickly & best manage it so you’re back up on your feet asap. The short key is movement, but the correct type of movement that nourishes the discs, stretches tight muscles and joints and strengthens critical muscles around your spine, hips and yes shoulders.