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medical visits can add up quickly. PC360 provides fast, effective at-home solutions to relieve pain for a fraction of the typical cost.

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if your back pain is related to muscle imbalances (flexibility & strength issues), we can help you today, at home.


-Powercore 360 products help regain your mobility and flexibility as well as add the strength needed to maintain a healthy body and pain free back-

Torso Harness

The PC360 Torso Harness quickly improves the flexibility and strength of the upper back and spine muscles to quickly relax tight muscles and tone weak ones to realign your upper and lower back. The alignment of your upper spine is important, because if its twisted, your lower back may be as well and that may be the source of your lower back pain.

hip Harness

The PC360 Hip Harness quickly improves the mobility & stability of the hips. Normal hip turn is important for reducing the stress on the lower back (because if your hips don't turn adequately, your lower back may be trying to turn too much, which could be a huge cause of your lower back pain).


Advanced Training System


Our Advanced System will help you quickly improve the strength & flexibility of many core, spine and back muscles to start to immediately reduce your low back pain.