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"If I were the parent or coach of a young volleyball player who hoped to play a significant role on her club or high school team, I would purchase the PowerCore 360 and have her use it 3-4 days a week for 10 minutes at a time.”

-Former Nebraska Coach, Terry Pettit

How It Works

Specificity of Training - Training with resistance bands while performing your actual sports movement is the closest way to strength train the actual hitting & throwing muscles and movements of your sport.

Training specifically will provide maximal carry-over from your training into your actual game skills & performance.

Hit harder in 3 steps

Its easy as 1-2-3 !

Step 1 -

Put The Hip Harness on

Step 2 -

Connect resistance band to the hip harness and the other end to any secure surface

Step 3 -

Step away from the anchor point and perform your usual hitting or throwing motion & start feeling the effects of a more powerful swing and throwing motion


Hall Of Fame Coach

Former Nebraska Coach - Terry Pettit


I hear it every week "My daughter has gotten bigger and stronger, but she's not hitting or jumping any better. In fact, they may have gotten worse. Even though they are now bigger and definitely stronger, they're slower, less explosive and yet we spent months and a ton of money training!" What Gives?

The unfortunate reality is, while general strength training can help athletes develop bigger muscles and gain additional strength, developing power and speed for specific sports movements is different from simply just getting stronger. While strength is a component of hitting power and arm speed, it requires a special type of strength from specific exercises, performed in a precise way, to actually improve hitting power and arm speed.

Its really more about training movements, the specific movements of the sports skill, like hitting and jumping to improve the power and speed of a specific sports movement. And it's not our personal belief or bias, it's science.



We have proven experience improving athletes performance


Terry Pettit

Hall of Fame NCAA Head Coach

"The Powercore 360 is the the best tool I know of for teaching an athlete how to feel the optimal sequence for generating the power to serve or spike a volleyball!"

Jim Miret

Former Head Coach USA National Team

& Junior National Team

"We use the Powercore 360 to help develop proper hitting mechanics and increase power. Its an invaluable tool for our players of all ages!"

Nicole Edelman

Pro Volleyball Player

"My work with Powercore 360 benefitted me through injury prevention, overall muscle strengthening and awareness, which was implemented specifically to volleyball skills such as hitting, serving and setting!"



Only PC360 offers these proven Training Systems to increase strength, power and speed, used by pro players and athletes at all levels.

With his Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and years as National Training Director at the Texas Back Institute, the largest Spine Center in the U.S., Glisan has developed these proprietary systems to prevent injury and quickly improve your game.



$79.99 $99.99

The Powercore Arm & Shoulder Velocity Trainer is the perfect training system for those athletes who use a throwing or overhead hitting motion.

Basic Hip Training System


$159.99 $167.99

This is our Basic Hip Training System. Perfect for training lower half stability, mobility and power. Super simple, super affordable and ready to use anywhere.

Hip & Arm Training




Our Hip & Arm Training System is a lower half training pack but also comes with accessories that allows you to integrate arms and legs in to your training.

Full Body training System


$299.99 $370.99

Our Full Body System is a full body rotation power and mobility powerhouse. If you want to increase full body rotation, separation and mobility, there is no other option out there like this system.