The Science

Squats, benchpress, RDLs all have their place in strength training. But training to rotate your body to swing, throw, hit with more power, with improved mechanics, requires specific training.

Sports training needs to be specific to the movement the athlete is doing, hence, if you are an athlete that rotates to perform, you should be training in that same movement pattern and strengthening those muscles, to not only move as close to game like situations, but to get stronger in those movements as well.

Like they say “You play like you train!” It's not our belief or bias, it's science.

Hip & Shoulder Separation - A key importance to our training, explained by ESPN's Sports Science team.

At Powercore 360 our goal is to take your athlete and help maximize their potential, while preventing injury. This means we want your young athlete to get a college scholarship, your collegiate athlete to have a long career and for the few that put in the extra work, help you extend your playing career beyond college and into the pro's.
- Billy Glisan

How it works

Specificity of Training - Training with resistance bands while performing your actual sports movement is the closest way to strength train the actual hitting and throwing muscles and movements of your sport.

Training specifically will provide maximal carry-over from your training into your actual game skills & performance.

Hit and Throw harder in 3 steps

It's easy as 1-2-3!

Step 1 -

Put The Hip Harness on

Step 2 -

Connect resistance band to the hip harness and the other end to any secure surface

Step 2 -

Step away from the anchor point and perform your usual hitting or throwing motion & start feeling the effects of a more powerful swing and throwing motion

PC360 Founder - Billy Glisan


Billy Glisan is one of the nation’s leading athletic coaches with a proprietary training method that can change an athlete’s approach and form, quickly adding more power with less chances for injury. He has trained thousands of athletes, from youth to professionals, including State, National & World Champions.

Billy is an author, entrepreneur, and has dedicated his life to helping athletes discover potential they never knew they had. If you’re looking to go to the next level, PC360 will help you reach your goals.


“If I were the parent or coach of a young volleyball player who hoped to play a significant role on her club or high school team, I would purchase the Powercore 360 and have her use it 3-4 days a week for 10 minutes at a time.”

Hall of Fame Volleyball Coach, Terry Pettit

"Powercore 360 trains balance, direction, timing, rhythm & separation all at the same time. I love how it works t-spine rotation with scapula movement together."

MLB Pitching Coach, Darren Holmes

"I can't rave enough about the improvements our daughter made in the 2 days of this program. I think it has made her excited to start working harder on training her body to do what it needs without needing to think about it. Thank you and all of the coaches, for everything you taught her (and me) this weekend!"

Volleyball Clinic Parent

PC360 Training System


Only PC360 offers these proven Training Systems to increase strength, power and speed, used by pro players and athletes at all levels.

With his Master of Science in Exercise Physiology and years as National Training Director at the Texas Back Institute, the largest Spine Center in the U.S., Glisan has developed these proprietary systems to prevent injury and quickly improve your game.

Basic Hip Training System


$109 $129

This is our Basic Hip Training System. Perfect for training lower half stability, mobility and power. Super simple, super affordable and ready to use anywhere.

Hip & Arm Training



$149 $169

Our Hip & Arm Training System is a lower half training pack but also comes with accessories that allows you to integrate arms and legs in to your training.

Full Body training System


$199 $239

Our Full Body System is a full body rotation power and mobility powerhouse. If you want to increase full body rotation, separation and mobility, there is no other option out there like this system.