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Volleyball Power Hitting &
Injury Prevention Masterclass

8-Week Step-by-Step Volleyball Power Hitting Coaching Masterclass!

Why Powercore 360 Volleyball Masterclass?


8-Week Step-by-Step Volleyball Power Hitting Coaching Masterclass!

  • Our athletes hit harder, make more teams and play more minutes, with less shoulder and back pain

  • Get ongoing swing development guidance from PC360 Master Coaches for 8-weeks

  • 1x/week swing analysis & recommendations for improvements

  • Athletes commit to 3x/week training routine to improve hitting mechanics, improve strength, power & speed

  • Athletes are held accountable by completing Athlete Tracking Form

  • Athletes upload videos of their workouts for assessment & recommendations 3x/week

  • Injury prevention exercises built into program to reduce or eliminate shoulder & back pain, and reduce risk of ACL knees injuries

  • Pain tracking and guidance from Kelly Fieseler (physical therapist)

  • 2x weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions with Master Coaches

  • Access to and input from Nicole Edleman (Division I All-American and Professional Player)

Athletes we have trained have gone on to get scholarships & play at these NCAA Programs!





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Results from one of our sessions. No matter how far away or what training location, we can provide dramatic results for any athlete that is willing to put in the work.

Top college programs in the USA want volleyball players that can jump high, hit hard and stay injury free. You need to hit those marks if you want any chance to get a scholarship. The ironic thing, is that in the pursuit of acquiring these traits, many players end up going to coaches who teach them poor hitting technique and many athletes end up getting hurt.

For the vast majority of my parents and coaches, they just want their athletes' to be the best version of themselves. And for most that means making the team and getting to play as much as they possibly can and not get hurt in the process. Having had children that played sports myself, I know how much time, energy and money can go in to trying to find the best coaches and trainers for your son, daughter and athletes. I also understand how much time your athletes spend just to many times suffer the disappointment of getting cut, not getting much playing time, getting injured or even missing out on a college scholarship opportunity. Spending $4K, $5K, $6K and even $10K+ per year on coaches, clubs, trainers and gas can be daunting, especially when you feel like your athletes aren't getting better.

Over the last 20-30 years, from working at the nation's largest spine center, to developing patented products for industry, writing books on back health, working with the largest companies in the world to prevent work-related injuries and training youth, pro and Olympic athletes, we truly have cracked the code on how to train athletes to quickly learn how to use their body to hit harder and avoid related injuries.

At Powercore 360 we have been running volleyball clinics here in Colorado for years and we have had athletes and coaches travel from all over the country to come learn our methods to make athletes better, much faster than by traditional methods. By popular request from parents, athletes and coaches who don't have the time or resources to fly to Colorado, we have now developed online courses to provide our training methodologies to anyone across the world.


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Why Powercore 360?

We genuinely care about helping athletes learn how to hit harder and avoid common shoulder & back pain often experienced in spiking!


We always track our athletes training performance, especially as it relates to power hitting Confidence.

We also track and teach them how to learn to get and stay focused on the training movements that really matter to hit harder & avoid pain and injuries.

A letter sent from an athlete. So happy we can not only help athletes improve their physical game but also their mental game as well.

Who We Are!

  • National Director of Training for 12 Rehabilitation Centers for Nation's Largest Spine Center.
  • Published Author: 1) Spine & Back Care Books & Articles, 2) Contributing Author Book: Back In Shape, 3) Consumer Guide Book: 50 Ways To Reduce Back Pain, 4) Articles on Back Strength in various magazines such as Shape and others.
  • Injury Prevention Consultant to fortune 500 companies such as General Motors, Shell, ExxonMobil, Texas Instruments, Target and others.
  • ​Strength & Conditioning and Power Hitting Consultant for Division I, II and Junior College NCAA Volleyball Programs, Front Range Volleyball Club, Northern Lights, Amarillo Elite.
  • ​Trained Club, Collegiate, Olympic & Professional Athletes, including State, National, & World Champions. Sports include: Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball, Lacrosse, Football, Track & Field and others for over 20 years.

Now Starting at $599

Program also Includes:

  • ​2 Live Q&A Zoom Sessions per Week for 8 Weeks (16 sessions) with Billy Glisan
  • ​Weekly Video Analysis & Individualized Program Recommendations for Each Athlete for 8 Weeks (8 Analyses)
  • ​Written 8-Week Training Program for Athletes to Perform 3x/Week for 8 Weeks (24 sessions; this equates to $62/training session just by itself, not including the other Services Listed Above & Below)
  • ​Access to PC360 Private Facebook Power Hitting Group (Power Hitting Tips, Articles, Videos for Parents, Coaches & Athletes)
  • ​Athlete Tracking Form (Tracks Athlete Workouts)



Question & Answer Sessions to Provide Clarification Regarding Mechanics, Exercises or Other Related Issues.





Athletes Follow 8-Week Program which they are Required to Complete 3x/Week.

Private Facebook Power Hitting Group


Video analysis of Power Hitting Swing Mechanics with Individualized Recommendations for Each Athlete.

We post video analysis feedback every week in our private facebook group.

Athlete Tracking Form


This Form Tracks Each Athlete's Workouts to Help w/ Accountability.

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Our Full Body Training System is included for free in this Masterclass.


Athletes learn fastest with FEEL and our products allow athletes to FEEL the correct power hitting movements as they move.


Our products were designed specifically to work every part of the body needed to produce power and health in the swing.


Trains proper mechanics and builds strength, power & speed at the same time.

Powercore 360 Full Body Training System +
Athletes learn so fast because they can FEEL the correct movements of power hitting.
Athletes learn the fastest when they can FEEL sports movements.

This system trains:
- arm speed
- hip turn
- shoulder turn
- shoulder & rotator cuff strength
- core & spine strength

In our masterclass we will train you how to use this system to improve power hitting and reduce injury risk for volleyball hitters.

This equipment is completely mobile and can be used at home, at the gym or on the court to improve mechanics, power & speed for hitting.



Introduction to Power Hitting Mechanics
Welcome to this Master Class!
Facebook Portal - To Send Questions to PC360 Coaches
Swing Analysis Portal - To Upload Swings for Analysis
Loom Software - To Record a Video Question
World Class Power Hitting
PC360 Power Hitting Mechanics
Injuries & Arm Swing Mechanics
Throwing 101
Hitting 101
Week 1 - Homework


Week 2 - Training Hip Turn (Part 1)
Why Turn the Hips
PC360 Hip Harness and Hip Turn Training
Assisted Hip Turn Hits
Resisted Hip Turn Hits
10-Minute Hip Routine
Week 2 - Homework


Week 3 - Training Hip Turn (Part 2)
The Landing
Full Hip Turn...FAST
Week 3 - Homework


Week 4 - Training Arm Swing (Part 1)

The Arm Action Breakdown
Arm Action #1
Shoulder Blades
Arm Action #2
Arm Action #3
Strengthening the Arm Motion
Using the Arm & Ankle Cuff
Seated Turn & Pull Exercise - Level 1 ONLY
Throwing Drill
Hitting Drill - Ball Into Net
Hitting Drill - Partner Toss
Hitting Drill - Slow Motion Walking Approach
Hitting Drill - Full Speed Approach
Hitting Drill - Full Speed Approach & Hit
Week 4 - Homework


Week 5 - Training Arm Swing (Part 2)
Why Turn the Torso
The Torso Harness
Seated Turn & Pull Exercise - Level 1 & 2
Week 5 - Homework


Week 6 - Training Arm Swing (Part 3)

Seated Turn & Push Exercise - Level 1 Only
Week 6 - Homework


Week 7 - Training the Approach (Part 1)
The Approach Breakdown
Approach Start
Approach Body Position
Approach Direction
Approach Footwork
Approach Arm Speed
Week 7 - Homework


Week 8 - Training the Approach (Part 2)
Approach Arms at Hip Load
Approach Hip Load
The Set Up
Week 8 - Homework

Importance Of Arm Swing

Training a 17 year old Division I outside hitter who was shut down by physician because of the "high elbow" setup mechanics she was using to hit.

Her shoulder became so inflamed that she couldn't raise her hand above her shoulder.

This video shows you some of the shoulder movement specifics volleyball hitters need to learn and strengthen so they can hit hard and avoid pain and injury.

Now Starting at $599

Masterclass Plans

Masterclass Basic Plan


  • Lifetime Access to this Volleyball Training Course - $997 value
  • 8 Weeks of Customized Coaching w Billy Glisan - $4056 Value
  • Access to all our Digital Volleyball Programs - $233 Value
  • ​Attend 8-Hour Power Hitting Clinic for FREE - $599 Value
  • ​Powercore 360 Full Body Training System + (additional arm cuff & resistance band) - $399 Value
  • 8 Weeks of online training
  • Total value of $6384

Masterclass Pro Plan


  • Lifetime Access to this Volleyball Training Course - $997 value
  • 8 Weeks of Customized Coaching w Billy Glisan - $4056 Value
  • Access to all our Digital Volleyball Programs - $233 Value
  • ​Attend 8-Hour Power Hitting Clinic for FREE - $599 Value
  • ​Powercore 360 Full Body Training System + (additional arm cuff & resistance band) - $399 Value
  • Full year, 12 months of online training (save $601)
  • Total value of $6985

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