Powercore 360 Regional Training Facility


Improve Athlete Power Hitting, Prevent Injuries & Generate Revenues For Your Club of Facility.

  • PC360 teaches you how to train volleyball athletes to hit harder & avoid hitting-related injuries.
  • Your facility runs PC360 Introductory Power Hitting Clinics & follow-up PC360 Group and Private Sessions and keeps 100% of the revenues.
  • Powercore 360 will promote you on our website as an official Powercore 360 Certified Volleyball Power Hitting Training Facility.

How to Become PC360 Regional Training Center

Benefits of Being a PC360 Regional Training Center

  • 1 Year Facility Training, Equipment, Certification & License
    • We give you exclusive geographic license (50 mile radius) to run PC360 Volleyball Power Hitting Introductory Clinics & Large & Small Group & Private Training Sessions.
    • Annual license to use PC360 brand & name to promote and deliver Powercore 360 Volleyball Introductory Power Hitting Clinics & Follow-up Group & Private Training Sessions.
  • Instructor Training
    • 2-3 Hour Online training Program & Certification Testing
      • PC360 Power Hitting Mechanics Training.
      • Proper use of PC360 training systems.
      • Applied functional anatomy of shoulder, spine, core, hips & knees.
      • Advanced training & conditioning principles to improve core strength, mobility, stability, arm & ball speed.
      • Injury prevention for shoulder, spine & knees.
  • PC360 Training Equipment
    • 10 PC360 Full Body Training Systems ($2490 value).

Regional Training Center Process

How to Become a PC360 Regional Training Center for FREE!!!!

  1. Register for the $4999 training, license, equipment & facility certification for the first year OR host 8-hour clinic at your facility to get FREE certification (see details below).
  2. Pass the online training.
  3. Attend the onsite clinic & assist in running 8-hour clinic with PC360 Master Coaches. (see locations and dates below).

To waive the $4999 first year costs:

  1. Host a PC360 Volleyball Power Hitting Clinic at your Facility (PC360 Master Coaches & your facility coaches run this clinic). (Requires minimum of 20 paid athletes @ $599/each for 8-hour clinic on two courts, over two days).