To excel in most sports it comes down to four factors, Strength, Power, Speed & Skills. Most sports training programs focus on either strength or skills. Parents have to typically take their athletes to numerous locations to their skills coach and then their strength & conditioning trainer. This approach requires a lot of time and expense running all over town to numerous training businesses. And if you have numerous athletes playing different sports, it's a full time job just shuttling your athletes from location to location.

XL 'N SPORTS has the experience & expertise to deliver strength & skills, in the same session, at the same location, by the same Sports Training Specialist, saving you time, money and a lot of stress.

"Sport Specific Training!"




The XL 'N SPORTS PROGRAM is designed by a team of top professional coaches & strength and conditioning experts who have coached and trained world class athletes at the college, Olympic & professional levels. We also consult regularly with physicians & physical therapists to ensure our activities are age-appropriate and safe.

  • Billy Glisan, MS, CSCS
  • Karim Abdel Wahab, CSCS
  • Jim Miret

Powercore 360 & XL 'N SPORTS Founder

  • Trained Professional Baseball, Golf, Volleyball Athletes, as well as State, National & World Champions in numerous sports including Track & Field and Golf Long Drive
  • Developed & Trained Arm Speed, Bat Speed, Vertical Jump, Agility and other Explosive Athletic Development Programs
  • Coaching Degree & Master's Degree in Exercise Science
  • Exercise Physiologist and Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • National Director of Training at Nations' Largest Spine Rehabilitation Center
  • Injury Prevention Consultant to General Motors, Texas Instruments, ExxonMobil and many others

Sprinter & Hurdler Coach - University of South Carolina

  • Coached & Trained Top Division I & NCAA National Champion Sprinter in 2019
  • Developed & Trained Arm speed, Vertical jump, Acceleration, Foot Speed other Explosive Athletic Development Programs
  • Undergraduate Degree in Exercise Science
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach
  • Has trained Division I Conference Champions, National Champions & Olympic Sprinters, Hurdlers & Jumpers

Director - Front Range Volleyball Club, Englewood, CO

  • Former Head Coach for the USAV Youth & Junior National Teams
  • Former Technical Advisor & Assistant Coach for the USA Women’s Olympic Volleyball Team
  • 2003 USA Volleyball Outstanding Male Junior Coach
  • 1999 United States Olympic Committee named him Developmental Volleyball Coach of the Year
  • 2003 USAV Rocky Mountain Region, Junior Coach of the Year
  • Presenter - The American Volleyball Coaches Association Annual Conference
  • Publisher - Coaching Volleyball, AVCA's award-winning technical journal
  • Club Loveland

Club Loveland at Orchards, 289 E 29th St, Loveland, CO 80538 (970) 278-5764