Baseball Throwing Mechanics – Elbow Tuck & Turn Pull (resisted)

Set Up:

  • Sit on ball or chair with hips and knees level and sit tall so spine is aligned (neutral)
  • Band attached to right torso, @ chest level (band is anchored in front of right shoulder)
  • Additional band is attached to exercise handle (held in right hand), (band is anchored in front of right shoulder)


  1. SLOWLY tuck right elbow down next to your side, pulling right scapula down flat against rib cage, then
  2. Turn shoulders to right as far as you can without strain as you exhale
  3. Turn shoulders back to the left (as far as you can without strain) and allow the band attached to the right handle to pull the right arm straight ahead towards catcher (until a comfortable stretch is felt in the muscles of the right scapula)


  • 2-3 sets of 10 reps with bands connected

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