Hip and Shoulder Separation Strengthening Series

How to Activate & Strengthen - Hip & Shoulder Separation

Benefits of Hip & Shoulder Separation

Athletes who can separate (dissociate) the turn of their hips from the turn of their shoulders can create dramatically greater power from the muscles of the core. (Some authorities say it may be at least 80% of the power for arm velocity comes from the core muscles with the athletes can separate their hips and shoulders).

Works for Any Rotional Sport Movement

While this article demonstrates this series with a professional baseball player, this series works for any athlete in golf, hockey, MMA, lacrosse, softball, track & field, volleyball or others.

Volleyball athlete spiking with hip & shoulder separation.

Lacrosse athlete shooting with hip & shoulder separation.

Golfer with hip & shoulder separation (X-Factor is what it's commonly called in golf).

Baseball pitcher with hip & shoulder separation.

The Strengthening Series

This series consists of three different exercises using the PC360 Full Body Training System:

  1. Seated Shoulder Turn "Scap Load" to Right
  2. Standing Hip & Shoulder Strengthening
  3. Live Hitting

This exercise series is performed in about 5 minutes (per set). (Depending on the age and conditioning level of the athlete, they may perform 2-5 cycles of this series of exercises listed above).

Watch the Series 

Watch this pro baseball hitter performing the strengthening series below.

Use with Other Rotational Sports

Doing this exact exercise routine will improve rotational power for any other rotational sports movement except (instead of hitting a baseball after the activation exercises, the athlete will perform their specific sports movement for 5 repetions in a row).

Further Information 

Want to learn more about how PC360's Training Equipment & Training Programs will quickly build hip & separation for your sport? Send an email to info@powercore360.com or call us (970) 556-0435.

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