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Baseball & Softball Power Hitting Program - Advanced 15+

This Advanced Powercore 360 Power Hitting Program is designed for healthy athletes in these age groups 15 years of age and older), with the expectation of increasing bat speed safely by 4-16 MPH (depending on age & developmental levels).

Note: These programs require the use of the Full Body Training System and depending on the athlete's size & strength may require additional resistance bands.

These programs focus on the proper development of:

  • Use of the feet, legs and pelvis to take advantage of ground reaction forces
  • Linear & rotational power from the pelvis, hips, spine, shoulders, arms & hands
  • Resisted & overspeed core work (as appropriate by age group)
  • Improved power hitting mechanics and balance throughout swing 
  • Increased bat speed & ball velocity

These digital downloads have easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for drills, sets and repetitions to be performed 3x’s per week for 45-60-minutes per session.

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