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Facility Pack

Does your facility need new programs and ideas to draw more business? Diversify your options by adding Powercore360 classes and clinics. With our free app, you’ll immediately have access to sports-specific drills. There are countless ways to integrate the harnesses. Use PC360 for simple muscle activation prior to regular training and ignite the athlete’s body to get them ready to go. With Powercore360, you’ll have 4 levels of resistance bands along with an arm cuff and handle. Using these tools, you can get rotationally specific for your critical motions of your sport. As you add resistance, the athlete can build strength and muscle in the critical parts of their core for their turns. Better yet, when you train rotationally with PC360, the hips and shoulders are gaining separation and flexibility which allows your player to generate more force with their turns. When you outfit your facility with Powercore 360 harnesses and programs, we discount your bulk order by 20%.

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INCLUDED: your choice of sizes for 12 hip harnesses and 12 torso harnesses and the following accessories: 24 anchors, 12 handles, 12 arm/leg cuffs, 12 sets of resistance bands (1 set = 4 bands: 1 ea- red, orange, black, grey), 12 carry bags, wall chart with drills, free App access

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