Sports - Hip & Shoulder Separation Program

Sports - Hip & Shoulder Separation Program

Increased Power to Increase Arm, Ball, Bat, Club Head, Hand, Foot, Puck, Racket & Stick Speed

Hip & Shoulder Separation accounts for 80% of the power for rotational sports movements such as: 1) overhead throwing or hitting motions (baseball, softball, volleyball, lacrosse, tennis, javelin), or 2) swinging a bat, club or other sports implement (baseball, softball, tennis, golf, lacrosse, hockey, shot put, discus, other), or 3) for punching, striking or kicking sports movements (martial arts, boxing, soccer, football, other).

The 4-week, Powercore 360 Hip & Shoulder Separation Program is designed for healthy athletes, 15 years of age and over.

Athletes will quickly & safely increase their ability to perform their rotational sports movements with greater power and speed by increasing the controlled separation between the turn of their hips and shoulders, by improving:

  • Hip & thoracic spine mobility & stability
  • Pelvic & core strength, rotational power & speed

Note: This program will increase Hip & Shoulder Separation faster than any other training program through the required the use of the Powercore 360 Advanced Training System. (The program also optionally uses various weighted medicine balls in weeks 5-8).

This digital download has easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for drills, sets and repetitions to be performed 3x’s per week for 30-minute training sessions.

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