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Step 1 - Power Hitting Clinic

Find your local Powercore 360 (PC360) Instructor and participate in a PC360 Clinic. We will speed the learning & development process.

Each clinic provides athletes & parents with information, knowledge & training to quickly improve hitting power, while preventing associated injury risk.

Our clinics are the industry's best volleyball power hitting training.

Step 2 - Continued in person training

This is our training & development piece.

Athletes take what they learned in a PC360 Power Hitting Clinic and continue training weekly with their local clinic coach, to accelerate and maximize their hitting power & potential.

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Powercore 360 Clinics -

Tara Mueller

Jim Miret & Ryan Ammerman

Your Regional Trainer

-Nia Kiggundu-Carngbe -

Has over 17 years of combined experience in coaching club volleyball, high school, middle school, and elementary school athletes.


  • Coach Nia is a Native New Mexican, having grown up in Albuquerque and played high school volleyball at West Mesa.

  • She was part of the volleyball dynasty at West Mesa (1989-1992), was on Varsity as a freshmen and won 4 state Championships. Was All District all 4 years and All State all 4 years and her position was an OUTSIDE HITTER.

  • She finished high school with an unprecedented record number of team wins with 118-0 from all 4 years.  

  • Her senior year she was a Mizuno High School All American.

  • She went on to play college volleyball at the University of Louisiana Lafayette a DI school in the Sunbelt Conference. Highlights on her college career (1993-1998) Sports Hall of Fame Inductee (2006); Sun Belt Conference All Time VolleyballTeam (2005);

  • As of 2008 Currently holds 4 NCAA Top 40 Career Records in NCAA Career Kills per Game, NCAA Total Career Kills, NCAA Digs Per Game, NCAA Career Digs.

  • She has been the Club Director for NM Cactus since it's inception and is going into her 11th season of coaching and directing

Video Highlights from PREVIOUS ClinicS

Previous Clinic Athlete Results

Denver, Colorado (Nov. 10th/11th)

On average, all athletes improved their hitting velocity by 6.0 mph at the clinic, an 19.7% improvement.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming (Jan. 9th/10th)

On average, all athletes improved their hitting velocity by 6.3 mph at the clinic, an 19.5% improvement.

San Antonio, Texas (Feb. 23rd/24th)

On average, all athletes improved their hitting velocity by 6.3 mph at the clinic, an 19.5% improvement.

Greenwich, Connecticut (Apr. 28th/29th)

On average, all athletes improved their hitting velocity by 13.7 mph at the clinic, an 60.89% improvement.

Parent Reviews

"I can't rave enough about the improvements our daughter made in the 2 days of this program. I think it has made her excited to start working harder on training her body to do what it needs without needing to think about it. Thank you and all of the coaches, for everything you taught her (and me) this weekend!"

"Your clinic was truly a game changer for Whit AND for me.
You provided a reasonable and achievable road map for all of the boys to become the best athletes they can be. They’ve never received this kind of information before and within 4 hours I guarantee all of them saw drastic improvements in their skills."

"By getting the parents involved, I believe you helped the athletes become more vested in the program. I know for myself that helped me really understand the mechanics of the program so that I can give her meaningful pointers and guidance. I believe the videos of the athletes doing the mechanics correctly really help them visualize what they needed to do. The videos the athletes' actual performance and progression I believe gave them a visual of what they were doing wrong and right. I also thought the results and feedback reports were very helpful as well. Overall it was absolutely an excellent program and I highly recommend it. I believe it has made her more confident in her abilities and hitting. I look forward to implementing the program at home with your equipment and training plan as I believe it will truly help her gain the confidence and skills to have an awesome upcoming club season."


Coach Reviews

The clinic was amazing! Billy is an expert at what he does, and his coaching style is extremely effective. He broke the attack down into steps that the girls were able to focus on and start intentionally implementing right away. By progressing through watching what they needed to do, visualizing themselves going through the correct motions, and then going through the steps intentionally, the girls began to make visible improvements right away. The harness and bands that Billy taught the girls to use helped the girls engage their whole body correctly in the attack. The team has been using the harness and bands at the beginning of every practice as part of their warmup, and they are helping the girls to make continuous progress in hitting harder. The girls and all the coaches, including myself, found immense value in the hitting clinic. The girls seemed to find a new confidence and desire to be aggressive on the court during the two day clinic, and made huge growth in hitting more powerfully. I'm excited to continue implementing all that Billy taught the athletes during the clinic. Thank you, Billy!
With gratitude, Anna

Billy Glisan does an amazing job of teaching the attack mentality and building up the players confidence. Our players finished the clinic with a renewed sense of competitiveness, a desire to hit harder, and be a bigger impact for their team. To see the before and after improvement was great for the girls to see, and it has encouraged them to continue to work on the skills learned in the clinic. As a club, we continue to use the equipment to improve our hitters abilities, and we are seeing great improvements. We would highly recommend Billy’s clinics, and hope to have him back in Jackson Hole soon. Club Director

Clinic Video Clips

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What: This clinic is focused on increasing arm speed (hitting power and ball speed) through improved technique (via whole body rotation) and an introduction into the development of a "power hitting mindset".

Where: NM Cactus Clubhouse, 3201 University Blvd SE, Suite A, Albuquerque NM 87106

$579 Advanced Clinic

  • 8-hour Advanced Training Session (two 4-hour sessions on 2-days)
  • Immediate Improvements
  • Measured Arm Speed & Pre/Post Clinic Video Analysis
  • Advanced Power Hitting Mechanics
  • Mental Training to Develop "Attack Mentality"
  • Leg Kick, Hip Turn, Chest Turn, Arm Action Detail
  • Hip & Shoulder Separation
  • Injury Prevention (Shoulder, Back & Knees)
  • PC360 Advanced Training System Used & Included
  • 30-Day Power Hip Home Program Included
  • Introduction to Visualization Training