At Powercore 360 our goal is to take your youth athlete and help maximize their potential. This means we want your youth athlete to get a college scholarship, your collegiate athlete to have a long career and for the few that put in the extra work, help them extend their playing career beyond college and into the pro's.

How It Works



Sciency explanations of how the body needs specific training and movements to best mirror the proper way the muscles should turn to perform the sports movement. Performing movements that dont 100% mimic the actual swing or throwing motion are a waste of time and money etc


Training with resistance while performing the actual sports movement is the closest way to strength train the actual hitting and throwing motion etc

Hit and throw harder in 3 steps

Its easy as 1-2-3 !

Step 1 -

Put The Hip Harness on

Step 2 -

Connect rubber tubing to the hip harness and the other end to any secure surface

Step 3 -

Step away from the anchor point and perform your usual hitting or throwing motion & start feeling the effects of a more powerful swing and throwing motion

"I use it with 7th grade kids all the way to my college kids. It gives them more power in the already balanced swing they have!"

- Greg Riddoch, Former MLB Manager and Player


MLB Manager & Former Player

Greg Riddoch


I hear it every week "My son/daughter has gotten bigger and stronger but he's not hitting or throwing any harder. In fact, they may have gotten worse. Even though they are now bigger and definitely stronger, they're slower, less explosive and yet we spent months and a ton of money training!" What Gives?

The unfortunate reality is, while general strength training can help athletes develop bigger muscles and gain additional strength, developing power and speed for specific sports movements is different from simply just getting stronger. While strength is a component of hitting power and arm speed, it requires a special type of strength from specific exercises, performed in a precise way, to actually improve hitting power and arm speed.

Its really more about training movements, the specific movements of the sports skill, like hitting and throwing to improve the power and speed of a specific sports movement. And its not our personal belief or bias, its science.

We have proven experience improving athletes performance

        - Billy Glisan


"I don't like it, I love it. Powercore 360 provides immediate feedback on every swing."

-Former MLB Coach, Blake Doyle


Dave King

Founder & President - Triple Crown Fastpitch

"When we saw this tool, what we saw most in it, is we can re-create FEEL!"

Kelly Foster & Shelby Babcock

NCAA Div 1 Athletes & Coaches

"Putting pitchers on a typical weight program doesn’t go well for us. They get too big, bulky and their speed goes down. This product allows them to get stronger while maintaining flexibility a developing speed!"

Greg Riddoch

MLB Manager, Player & Youth Coach

"Im using it in my academy, I’m finding a gigantic difference in some of the young kids, whether its the 7th graders or my college girls, in the way that the power in the hips work to explode!"





This is our Basic Hip Training System. Perfect for training lower half stability, mobility and power. Super simple, super affordable and ready to use anywhere.




Our Intermediate Training System is a lower half training pack but also comes with accesories that allows you to integrate arms and legs in to your training.





Our Advanced System is a full body rotation power and mobility powerhouse. If you want to increase full body rotation, separation and mobility, there is no other option out there like this system.