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Full Body Training System

Hip & Shoulder Strength

  • Full Body Rotation: Train the entire body: Hips, shoulder and arm, to create safer hitting strength
  • Hip & Shoulder Separation: Train the body to feel the separation between hips and shoulders
  • Reduce Injury Risk: By training your entire body, this reduces the strain on the shoulder and additionally, training your shoulder helps condition it for repeated use
  • Injury Rehab: For those athletes suffering from shoulder pain, our shoulder training products help get you back to being healthy, faster

How It Works



1. The Hips

Hip Movement & Turn is Step One in Creating Powerful Hitting & Serving Movements, to:

  • Use the Ground, Legs & Hips to Create Lower Body Force
  • Develop Proper Sequencing of Body Segments
  • Maximize lower body & Arm Speed
  • Spread Forces Over Entire Body to Prevent Arm & Elbow Injuries



2. The Torso

Turning the Shoulders Uses the Core & Spine Muscles that Results in 80% of Maximum Power Generation for Hitting & Serving Motion:

  • Improves Hip & Shoulder Separation
  • Builds Greater Core Strength & Rotational Power, (Compared to Hip Power Only)
  • Improves Proper Sequencing of Body Segments to Make Arm Swing and Hitting Motion More Consistent 
  • Greater Power & Arm Speed



3. Shoulder & Arms

Correct Movement of the Arms & Shoulder, Combined with the Turn of the Upper Spine:  

  • Adds Additional Muscle Forces to those of Legs, Hips & Torso Motion
  • Completes Proper Body Segment Sequencing 
  • Improves Arm Speed & Torque
  • Better Movement and Load to Scapula
  • Reduces Injury Risk to Shoulder & Arm



4. Full Body Training System


Train Entire Body to Improve Hitting & Pitching with the PC360 Fully Body System:

  • Hips
  • Legs
  • Core
  • Back
  • Arms & Shoulders
  • Chest


Basic Hip Training System

Full Body training System



Liz Kritzka - Former CU Volleyball Coach

Ryan Ammerman & Jim Miret


Hall Of Fame Coach

Former Nebraska Coach - Terry Pettit


I hear it every week "My daughter has gotten bigger and stronger, but she's not hitting or jumping any better. In fact, they may have gotten worse. Even though they are now bigger and definitely stronger, they're slower, less powerful and yet we spent months and a ton on training!" What Gives?

The unfortunate reality is, while general strength training can help athletes develop bigger muscles and gain additional strength, developing power and speed for specific sports movements is different from simply just getting stronger. While strength is a component of hitting power and arm speed, it requires a special type of strength from specific exercises, performed in a precise way, to actually improve hitting power and arm speed.

Its really more about training movements, the specific movements of the sports skill, like hitting and jumping to improve the power and speed of a specific sports movement. And it's not our personal belief or bias, it's science.