Why PC360

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WHY Powercore 360

The Objective: Improve Rotational Sports Performance by training the exact movements of your sport, against resistance, to strengthen the movement's power & speed.

The Need: Powercore 360 was developed out of necessity to improve the performance of rotational sports movements for athletes. Traditional fitness training programs & equipment have historically focused on generally increasing strength, size or basic fitness without improving the rotational abilities of the body to hit, throw, kick or punch with greater power and speed.

PC360's Solution - Get Better, Faster: Powercore 360 has developed highly specific rotational training programs & equipment which very quickly improves sports performance for "rotational" athletes. Simply put, Powercore 360 trains the exact movement skills of essentially any rotational sport, against the resistance of exercise bands, to immediately improve power & speed.

Your Toolbox: Powercore 360 products & programs provides athletes, trainers, coaches and parents with training tools to make athletes better, faster!