Torso Trainer Pack
Torso Trainer Pack

Torso Trainer Pack

The Powercore 360 Torso Trainer is the perfect training solution for those athletes who want to hit or throw harder or further. Sports such as Baseball, Softball, Football, Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Track & Field  and Volleyball can all benefit from turning the upper torso (the chest and shoulders) with more power and speed.

The PC360 Torso Trainer trains the muscles around the core and spine, improving upper spine and shoulder turn mobility, stability and a more functional spine for sports, that helps reduce the risk of injury to the spine and shoulders.

One of our favorite features of the PC360 Torso Trainer, is that you can train hitting and throwing motions with your torso trainer on, increasing the carry-over into your actual sports performance.

Therapists use the PC360 Torso Trainer to strengthen and rehabilitate the spine after a back or spine injury.

What’s Included:

  • 1 Powercore 360 Torso Harness (choose your size)
  • Your choice of one resistance band (gray-very light resistance, black-light resistance, or orange-intermediate moderate resistance)
  • 1 anchor strap (you can anchor to door, post, fence or weight)
  • 1 exercise handle
  • 1 carry & storage bag
  • 1 instructional wall chart
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PC360 Torso Trainer

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