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Baseball & Softball Power Hitting Programs

The 30-day, Powercore 360 Power Hitting Programs are designed for healthy athletes in these age groups (9-11 or 12-14 years of age and over), with the expectation of increasing bat speed safely by 4-16 MPH (depending on age & developmental levels).

Note: These programs require the use of the Full Body Training System.

These programs focus on the proper development of:

  • Use of the feet, legs and pelvis to take advantage of ground reaction forces
  • Linear & rotational power from the pelvis, hips, spine, shoulders, arms & hands
  • Resisted & overspeed core work (as appropriate by age group)
  • Improved power hitting mechanics and balance throughout swing 
  • Increased bat speed & ball velocity

These digital downloads have easy to follow, step-by-step instructions for drills, sets and repetitions to be performed 3x’s per week for 30-minutes per session.

All Program Sales are Final - No Refunds.


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